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Amazing Uses For Dental Floss


You may not know it, but dental floss is a very versatile and useful tool in your daily life. With just a few simple steps, you can turn that one flimsy string into something that will help you clean under the couch cushions, fix the zipper on your favorite jacket, or even tie two cans together to create an impromptu slingshot! This post will show you some of the many uses for dental floss outside of teeth care.

Makeshift Fishing Line

One such use for dental floss is to turn it into a makeshift fishing line. This can come in handy if you find yourself stuck somewhere with no access to a real fishing line. Just wrap some small weights onto each end of the string before knotting them together, so they don’t slide off when cast out into deeper waters. Once you’ve done this, simply tie on any fish-friendly food item as bait and toss out your line. In a pinch, the string from an old pair of pantyhose is another good option for creating a fishing line as well!

Remove A Tick

If you find yourself out in nature and come across a tick on your skin, don’t panic – just reach for some dental floss instead! By using a piece of floss to gently remove the tick, you’ll avoid having to use potentially harmful chemicals or tools. Wrap the floss around your fingers so that the floss is between the tick and your skin, then pull upwards gently. The floss should be able to remove the tick without disturbing it too much – just make sure not to leave any of its body parts behind!

Make A Slingshot!

Who needs a pocket-sized catapult when you can just use some dental floss? With just a few wraps around the handles of two empty cans and then tying them together to create a sling, you’ll have yourself an impromptu slingshot. The dental floss is strong enough to propel small stones or even pebbles at your target with surprising force – so be careful not to aim it in anyone’s direction! You never know what might happen if that string snaps.

Tie Things Together

A very handy use for dental floss is to use it as a makeshift tie. This can come in handy if you find yourself without any rope or zip ties and need to secure something together quickly. All you need to do is wrap the floss around whatever it is that needs to be tied together and then tie a knot. When you’re out camping or hiking, there are often times when you need to tie things together to create a makeshift shelter or storage system. Instead of using bulky ropes or straps, try using some dental floss instead! It’s strong enough to hold items together without taking up too much space in your pack.

Use Floss In The Garden To Tie Plants

Floss isn’t just for your teeth – you can also use it in the garden to help with various tasks. One such use is as plant ties. Just cut a piece of floss that’s about 18 inches long, and then tie it around the stem of the plant you want to support. The floss will help keep the plant upright and avoid any damage from wind or other elements. You can also use floss as a weed barrier by placing it around plants that you don’t want to get weeds growing in between them. The floss will act as a physical barrier and stop any unwanted plants from sprouting up!

Substitute Floss As Thread

You can use dental floss as a thread for sewing in a pinch. All you need to do is tie the two ends of the floss together and then use it as you would regular thread. Just be careful not to break the floss while you’re stitching! This tip is especially helpful if you find yourself without any other supplies and need to fix a quick rip in your clothes.

Fix Your Zipper In A Jiffy!

We’ve all been there before – our favorite jacket or pair of pants starts to wear down at the zipper, and before long, it’s completely busted. Instead of tossing them out and buying new ones, try fixing the zipper with a piece of dental floss instead! All you need to do is slide the dental floss in between the two teeth of the zipper and then pull it tight. This will create a temporary fix until you can get to a tailor or seamstress to have it properly repaired.

Cut Soft Food

If you’re looking for a way to cut soft food without making a mess, dental floss is the perfect tool. Just wrap the floss around your fingers, and then use it to slice through grapes, strawberries, or other soft fruits. You can also use dental floss to cube cheese or chocolate. It is also useful in slicing cakes to make a layered cake or cutting cinnamon rolls without squishing them. Tie the piece of floss around the baked good that you want to cut and pull tight! It will cut right through it.


There you have it – some of our favorite creative uses for dental floss. As you can see, it’s not just a simple tool for cleaning your teeth; it has many other practical applications as well! So the next time you find yourself without any rope or zip ties, don’t panic. Just reach for your trusty box of dental floss instead!