Creatures We’re Not Usually Afraid Of When We Should Be


Regrettably, nature amazes us not only with several astonishing creatures but with dangerous ones as well. Plus, individuals could come across some of them in apparently very safe places. Most people do not know that even an everyday ladybug might be harmful or that caterpillars could result in skin irritation. However, as the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. This is the reason this article was written so that you would know what creatures to avoid.

Pine Processionary Caterpillar

Pine processionary caterpillars can be found in regions such as Russia, India, Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. They are considered dangerous. Plus, individuals do not even have to come into contact with them to experience uncomfortable consequences. If an individual simply touches a place where the caterpillar passed and where it released its hairs, irritation can occur. The individual could experience dermatitis which could lead to severe irritation of the skin and other consequences.

Browntail Moth

Browntail moths are located in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe. The caterpillar and the moth are particularly active during midsummer and have hairs that are poisonous. Contact with these browntail moths will result in a really bad rash. This rash could be visible for several weeks. The part of the body that is touched by the moth or touches the moth, will become itchy and red. The preferred living areas for these moths are parks that have ripe fruits and deciduous trees.

Diving Beetle & Its Larvae

The larvae of this beetle are very large and could measure up to five centimeters in length. This size can make them very harmful. In the event that it is aggravated and touched it could bite the individual. The actual beetle could offer up very serious bites as well. The bite has the appearance as if the skin was penetrated by something very sharp. The area that has been bitten will become encircled by a bump which could take as much as two to three weeks to vanish. These creatures can be found in places in North Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Red Slug

These slugs can be found in places in Western Poland, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Western Europe, including France and the Southern regions of the British islands. The slugs could measure as much as eighteen centimeters in length, plus they eat a lot. These creatures can consume practically anything that it finds, but they also spread nematodes. Nematodes are parasites that are extremely dangerous to animals and to humans.


Moloes are found in almost the complete region of the Palearctic. They are harmful ground beetles, meaning that they are unable to fly. In the event that the chemical they produce comes into contact with the skin, it will blister and burn. These burns and blisters will take quite a long time to heal.


Amphipodas are found in practically all bodies of freshwater, oceans, and seas. They could reside in underground waters as well. Individuals can locate them in Western Europe and Ukraine. These fleas of this sea do not bite very often, however when they do, those bites result in a really bad rash. It could also lead to irritation of the skin. Individuals could locate them on seaweed and on the seacoast.

Common Backswimmer

Backswimmers are found in Russia and in Europe. From their appearance, they do not seem to be dangerous. However, individuals should not underestimate these creatures, or even try to touch them. Although it does not occur too often, the noses of these creatures can still penetrate the skin.

Tiger Mosquito

These pesky insects are found in Hawaii, North America, and Asia. They can be easily identified by their white stripes on the legs and body. They are extremely dangerous as they spread viruses such as Chikungunya virus, Zika virus, and Dengue fever.

Bombardier Beetle

Located in Southern Eurasia and Russia, these beetles are extremely dangerous. They got their names because when they are aggravated, they spray a boiling chemical. It is dangerous to come into contact with these creatures due to the fact that it would activate their defense mechanism. This means that the beetle will attempt to defend itself and provide the aggressor with a chemical burn. This could be even worse if that chemical gets into the eyes of the individual.


Ladybugs can be found in Taiwan, Korea, China, Mongolia, Japan, Kazakhstan, and Siberia. The majority of ladybugs are not dangerous at all. However, the harlequin ladybug is. It is dangerous because it may bite the individual with its strong jaws, particularly if it is hungry. Although the bite might not be poisonous, it still creates a bump, plus there could be an allergic reaction. Reports indicate that the most common reaction has been conjunctivitis. This might manifest itself if the individual touches their eyes after touching the insect.