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7 Ways To Fight Off A Dog Attack


Dogs are among the most common pets in America, and while most of them are friendly and well-behaved, there is always the potential for them to attack. In some cases, a dog attack can be fatal. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to fight off an attacking dog so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones. This article will detail some methods you can use if you ever get attacked by a dog.

Intimidate The Dog

One excellent way to fight off an attacking dog is by showing that you are a threat to them. In this situation, the best way to do that is by screaming and yelling at the attacking dog in a deep voice, using your body size to your advantage. Being loud will scare away the dog, but it’s important not to scream unless necessary because a prolonged period of noise could excite the dog further and make matters worse. It’s also important for you to show signs of aggression yourself, such as growling back at the dog. This will help intimidate them enough, so they decide it isn’t worth their time fighting with you over whatever it was initially about.

Call For Help

If you are alone during the attack, on the other hand, it would be better to call for help without trying to intimidate the dog. If the dog decides that its best course of action is to rush at you and knock into you, bear hug it or push against it until it can’t move anymore while yelling loudly for someone else to call the dog away. Your voice should be loud and full of volume, as dogs hate that noise.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Your safety should always come first, so it’s important to know where enclosed areas and objects are near your position. For example, if there is an alley behind you with walls on both sides of it, this may not be the best location for you to fight off an attacking dog. This is because it cuts off your escape and will restrict your movements if the dog starts to overpower you. It’s always best to fight them off in a wide-open area with no obstacles nearby that may limit movement or cause injury.

Remain Calm

In some cases, a dog may be simply trying to attack you as a way of protecting or defending something they believe is theirs. In this case, it’s important for you never to show any signs of fear and remain calm. This will cause them to realize that their actions are not scaring you away, which may make them back off slowly so they can return to whatever they were doing before the incident occurred. If the dog tries biting at your ankles or feet, try holding an object in front of yourself, so they have something else to latch onto besides your body parts.

Do Not Run Away

Rushing away from the attacking dog could instigate their attack because it’s a clear sign that you are scared. So instead, stand your ground and look them directly in the eyes as if to show them they don’t scare you. Once they realize this, they may feel there is no point in fighting with you and may retreat to where they came from. If at any time they try to bite down on your body parts again, make sure to protect those areas in any way that you can.

Use Your Body Weight Against The Dog

When the dog tries to attack you, try to lean your body forward and use momentum against them. This will help you push away much more effectively than if you were using your hands or arms alone. Either run at them with extra energy when they lunge at you or lean into the attack when they get close enough for you to do it. It’s important not to fall on your back when an attacking dog is nearby because that could put you in a position where they control your actions.

If All Else Fails, Go For Its Eyes

If all else fails and the dog continues to attack you, try going for its eyes. This can be a last-resort kind of tactic because it’s not necessarily something most people would think to do in that situation. It’s also difficult to position yourself correctly to do it without placing you at risk of getting bitten. But if you can manage it, their eyes are one area of the dog’s body that they will feel the most pain if hit forcefully. Hopefully, it will cause them to stop attacking you and retreat to protect themselves from further pain or injury.


In general, the best thing you can do if a dog attacks you is to fight them off quickly and without hesitation. In many cases, these dogs try to protect themselves or their territory from what they see as a threat. Once they realize that their actions are not scaring you away, they may stop attacking and leave the area. However, all methods included in this article are only suggested if you find yourself in a scenario where a fight with a dog is entirely unavoidable. If there is any way you can avoid a conflict with a dog, it is best to do so!