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8 Easy Woodworking Projects


Woodworking is a very fulfilling hobby and can help you relax and enjoy. You derive a significant level of contentment by creating various items of wood. While some people derive pleasure in doing the woodworking, some love to collect wooden artwork and reinstate them. The sky is the limit for what you can build by woodworking. From a dollhouse to cabinets for your home, everything under the sky is possible. As a beginner, your focal point needs to be learning the art, not being a maestro on your first attempt. Woodworking is not challenging to learn, but it takes time to become an expert.

Woodworking doesn’t have to be intimidating, and it is full of fun. Beginners in woodworking usually use scrap lumber and use basic tools to create a masterpiece. Let us discuss some alluring, useful woodworking projects for kids that you can take up with them. The best part is that you do not need formal training in woodworking for these projects; use a few tools and some elbow grease to make it a success.

Build A Birdhouse

Having a beautiful handmade birdhouse in your backyard makes the entire ambiance come alive with the chirping of birds. It is also a step to preserve the ecosystem. A birdhouse adds beauty and glamour to your place and is a simple project for beginner woodworkers. All you need for a birdhouse is a saw, pine board, drill, plywood, a dowel rod, and PVC pipe. This little bird home is easy to make, and the entire work will be an exciting and enjoyable family project. 

This DIY birdhouse is a very thoughtful handmade gift that the birds will love and also the recipient. You can follow easy tutorials to measure and cut the boards accordingly. These will make the walls, base, and roof of the birdhouse. Sand the edges and hammer them together. You can pre-drill the required holes to make it easy for the kids. Placing PVC pipes under the roof allows the air to flow, and you can easily remove them for cleaning from time to time. Screw a hook on the roof, and there you go!

A Shiny Coat And Hat Rack

What is a better gift than a nice coat and hat rack for dad? It will not only help in de-cluttering of stuff but will also be appreciated by all. You can easily build it in no time. It will help you organize your room using this attractive and simple coat and hat rack. All you need to do is cut the boards that fit your space, paint them, and place different hooks as per the requirement and then screw them in. You may opt for a natural wood or glossy look as per your choice of interiors. You will find a variety of hooks with different styles and colors at hardware stores easily. Attach the boards to the studs and drive three screws in each board. It makes a perfect place to hang your dad’s coat and hats.

Make Magazine Storage Containers

Placing magazines and newspapers neatly is a treat to the eyes. Woodworking helps you make simple wood storage boxes and put all your favorite books and magazines in these boxes. You can build four storage boxes from one 2 ft. x 4 ft. sheet of plywood. You can easily cut the plywood with a jigsaw. Decorate them the way you like and place them in your house as a cute storage container.

Create A Shoe Organizer

You can organize your shoes in a shoe organizer. They will no longer be lying on the floor. It is a simple storage organizer that can be a perfect gift. Moms do not need to worry about the shoes lying all around the entrance. You can place your boots or wedges with no mud marks on the wall. Start with cutting and drilling the dowel supports, then screw them to the ply. Cut the ply to fit your shoes as per the available space. Nail the dowels into the supporters, leaving some room for the supports to hang your boots or sandals. Apply varnish to finish, and then you can mount the shoe organizer to the wall. Screw the shoe organizer with heavy-duty anchors to hold the fixture permanently.

Make A Shoe Storage Stool

A shoe storage stool is a handy stool to be used as a step to reach the high shelves. To make this storage stool, you need a plywood sheet, wood glue, and some nails. Cut the plywood pieces as per the tutorials readily available. You can alter the size according to the space constraints. Apply wood glue to the joints and then nail them together. First, nail into the back and then the top. Finally, join the two shelves and nail the sides to make a storage stool.

Wooden Chopping Board And Serving Tray

A nice chopping board/serving tray makes life convenient as you can slice, chop and dice with ease. All you need to do is to get all the materials required (Maple Board, dowels, walnut strips, nuts) together, scribe the arc, and glue all of them together. A steel ruler is needed to scribe the arcs. The wood glue must be water-proof as the cutting board will be exposed to a lot of water, and remember not to wash it in a dishwasher.

Wooden Doormat

A doormat is perfect for a warm welcome, and what better than making it yourself. A wooden doormat can quickly sweep off all the mud and dirt off your shoes. It is a simple beginner DIY project and needs just a small hammer, a few nails, a miter box, cedar board, sandpaper, and wood glue.

Art Frames

Buying frames from the art store will be a big no once you do this simple DIY woodworking job. Making your frame using a pine board, an attractive and pocket-friendly alternative. Make the wooden frame by using wood glue, wood joiners, a miter saw, and a pine board. 


Doing a DIY woodworking project is satisfying, low cost, and simple. Follow the simple tutorials available easily online and build a piece to use or gift. Have a great family time creating your favorite piece.