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Top 7 Obstacle Courses Worldwide


The obstacle race is a sheer display of stamina, speed, strength, and willpower! Obstacle training is gaining popularity, which tests people’s physical fitness and mental toughness. With increasing popularity, obstacle training has become much more challenging these days. Some will make you think twice before you go for it, while some will make you run for your life.

Here are the top seven obstacle courses in the world that are tough and challenging. It requires a great deal of fitness to complete any of these.

# 7 Alaska Mountain Wilderness Challenge

This challenge started in the year 1982. Every year only fifteen chosen people take the challenge to try to cross the Alaskan range. The total distance of the challenge is a gruesome 100 miles in the barren Alaska mountains. 

The challengers do not have GPS navigation devices to find their route, making the challenge even more demanding. If the participants lose their way, they are on their own and must be able to self-rescue. The challengers are given a satellite phone for emergency contact. To participate in this challenge, you must be physically fit, mentally robust, and have the basics of navigation and survival techniques.

# 6 Green Beret Commando Challenge

This obstacle course is a team challenge based on the special forces’ selection and assessment criteria. It is a 13 plus kilometer task requiring ultra-fitness and mental robustness. The race is in a single day which starts under darkness. The obstacle is in the treacherous terrain of Reveille Peak Ranch, Texas. 

The green beret commando challenge is a genuine military format obstacle to test your endurance, team effort, and mental stamina. The challenge combines endurance run, rock climbing, stretcher carry, sled drag, and barrel carry/body carry. The best part is getting your team together and performing as a team.

# 5 Civilian Military Combine

The military format again inspires this challenge. If you are a true military enthusiast, this one is for you. This obstacle challenge is a perfect opportunity to check your fitness level and compare it with military men. It is a six-mile obstacle challenge that has 20 obstacles designed to test your stamina and endurance.

Before you are ready to tackle the obstacle, you should clear the high-intensity test. The test consists of burps, kettle swings, box jumps, and push presses to check your fitness level. If you are serious about the obstacle challenge, get in shape, increase your stamina, lose some weight, and you should be all set to take the challenge.

# 4 Columbia Muddy Buddy Ride

This obstacle challenge is slightly different since it is a partners-only race. The obstacle challenge is a six-mile-long race broken down into five-leg obstacle challenges along the course. The participants run the obstacle sequence along with a mountain bike. 

The idea is to get along with your partner, it is again a team effort, and you win only if your partner matches your step. The partner is expected to keep switching the entire obstacle course running and riding until the finish point. The key to success is training together. If you are serious about this format, get along with your partner and train together for the event.

# 3 The Warrior Dash

The Warrior Dash is a perfect obstacle for anyone who thinks they are extremely in shape. The race is in picturesque scenery with challenging obstacles. The event is organized in Chicago by the Red Frogs Event Company. The race is on four different continents with fifty other races, making it the most exciting and enormous running challenge.

You will have to run a muddy terrain of four miles with a twelve obstacles challenge. The obstacles consist of running barricades, cargo nets, fire pits, barbed wires, and other grueling obstacles. By the end of the race, you will be all smeared in mud, exhausted to the last drop.

# 2 Spartan Race

The Spartan Race is one of the toughest elite races requiring elite fitness and endurance level. This race attracts thousands of participants all across the world. The best part about this obstacle race is that it has something for everyone. The obstacle race consists of four challenge race series. 

    • First is the three-mile race with 15 obstacle courses.
    • Second is the eight-mile race with 20 obstacles popularly known as The Super Spartan.
    • The third is a 25-mile sprint with 25 obstacles.
    • Finally, the gruesome death race, along with a 48-hour endurance

If you are game, expect many muddy pits, dark tunnels, barbed wires, and rope climbs. If you skip any obstacle, you are penalized with a 30-burpee penalty before moving to the next obstacle.

# 1 Tough Mudder

On the number one spot, we have the most challenging obstacle race globally – The Tough Mudder. It is a 12-mile grueling obstacle course that would break your back and ravage your knees. The event is conducted across five continents attracting the toughest athletes across the world.

The challenge is military-inspired 25 obstacles designed specially by the British Special Forces. The obstacles include a frosty ice water pit, sub-zero muddy pit, hanging live wire with 10,000 volts of electricity, and other agonizing challenges to make you shiver. This obstacle is for the ultra-fit with a mental toughness of steel.


Many obstacle courses in the world are easy, moderate, and ultra-difficult. The obstacle challenges check your physical fitness along with mental robustness. It is imperative to have mental wellness as robust as your physical fitness to complete the challenge.

These were the world’s top seven obstacle courses that will push you to your limits. If you can complete any one of these, you are an ultra-fit person with high mental toughness.