Clothing Brands That Give Back To National Parks


In the United States, there are around 419 National Parks, which seems like a good number for one of the fourth largest countries in the world. These 419 National Parks have become sites for the conservation of nature as well as eco-tourism. Many senior citizens of the country get a free pass to enter the National Park, and hence, it also becomes a site to explore for the retired citizens. National Parks such as Yellowstone, Joshua Tree, Hot Springs, and Redwood are quite popular. Hunting and fishing, considered a good recreational activity in the US, are permitted at reserved sites in National Parks.                 

Hence, there is a huge influx of tourists visiting National Parks each year. NPS statistics reveal that more than 250 million tourists have visited the parks. Thus, funding for the National Parks is procured based on entry fees and federal funds. Philanthropy work done by many brands is the major source of funding for National Parks.

The article focuses mainly on the clothing brands giving back to National Parks for their conservation and acquiring new land. The funds mainly focus on acquiring new land and making the visitor’s experience a memorable one. The call for private funding began during the Obama presidency to increase fundings for the centennial anniversary of National Parks. Here is a list of clothing brands that donate to National Parks. 

Wild Tribute Clothing Brand


Wild Tribute Clothing Brand was an inspiration from personal exploration in the National Parks of Yosemite Valley, Redwood NP in California, and Yellowstone NP. Witnessing the historic and spectacular natural landscapes, this brand began a mission of giving back to support these National Parks. The brand started supporting the parks by donating 4% of the profits.

The 4% has a significance; the 4 is a homophone for “For” as the mission started for/4 the National Parks. The collection includes a wide range of hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, and caps. Park Institute of America has partnered with Wild Tribute Clothing Brand’s 4 Forest Collection, and the proceedings will support planting 50 million trees and protect historic places in America. 

Parks Project Collection


The Parks Project Collection aims to give back to the parklands, educate, advocate, and stand side-by-side with nature activists. The funds they have collected have constructed outdoor parks for children and protected parklands, thereby expanding nature in America. They have already donated more than $1,300,000 for the cause and are not expecting to stop soon. They host a huge line of clothing wear and accessories and have a dedicated gift shop. 

LL Bean


LL Bean is an outdoor clothing and sportswear brand especially for individuals to enjoy exploring nature. They had launched a National Park Collection with a target of receiving funds of more than $3 million. They had achieved their target by allocating 20% of each purchase from the National Park collection in the National Park Funds. They have partnered with the National Park Foundation to make extensive use of funds and achieve their philanthropy goals. These funds are responsible for maintaining hiking trails, educating youth about the conservation of nature, preserving places of cultural and historical importance, and many more. The clothing material is of high quality, and graphic prints are worthy of their prices. 

Good & Well Supply Co


Good & Well Supply Co. started growing its brand with scented candles. They then began exploring growing their brand through clothing and apparel. They are pro-nature and hence, have set up funds for giving back to nature. Apart from this, they use sustainable methods while manufacturing products. If you feel guilty about shopping, the guilt will go right away by supporting this brand as the proceedings are for a good cause. Good and Well Co is generous as it donated 5% of every product sold to the National Park Funds. They have a dedicated line of scented candles for increased conservation awareness of National Parks. 

The Landmark Project


The Landmark Project does not just focus on contributing funds to National Park Conservation but also promotes sustainability and a circular economy. Their clothing material does not harm the environment, and they strongly believe in beginning a sustainable lifestyle within their organization to promote it to the world. They have launched several collections dedicated to donating a certain percentage of shares to the United States Forest Service. The Smokey Bear collection was one such kind of collection where 10% of the profits were donated to raise funds. 

Pendleton Collection


Pendleton is a home-grown brand and is well-known for its wool material clothing and blankets. Apart from this, the intricate patterns observed in the woven blankets are greatly inspired by the Native American heritage. The product quality is flawless, as is pure virgin wool, which feels lightweight, warm, and comfortable during frosty winters. They have dedicated the collection to each National Park and have done a great job in publicizing the importance of National Parks. They have various categories in the clothing section and various blanket collections for adults, kids, and babies. The partnership of Pendleton with NPF has also raised more than a million dollars.


Thus, despite government funding, private clothing brands are also putting in efforts to safeguard nature. The federal funds dedicated to supporting national parks are not enough, and private fund influx infers exploitation of the resources. Hence, such organizations have stepped up for the sole purpose of making a difference and protecting nature.