Ways To Stay Cool In The Summer Heat


To avoid the hot and humid environment, some humans use their brains to their full potential, which leads to some of the most ingenious ways to stay cool during summer! 

But most normal ideas you might have will lead to a high electricity bill, which is worse than the summer heat. But what can you do? How do you stay cool during the summers without putting a strain on your bank balance? Simple, get creative! The creativity goes beyond the usual cranking up the air conditioner and turning on fans to the maximum. 

Do not worry; you do not have to pressure yourself because this article brings creative ideas to you.

12 Ingenious Ways To Stay Cool In The Summer

Spray Bottle

Summer heat compels you to take a nice cold shower every few minutes, but that isn’t possible. So, what do you do? You could carry a small spray bottle of water. This works like magic. You can always add a little lemon or lavender smell to the bottle for the extra dose of refreshment. If you feel extra hot, stand in front of a table fan after spritzing yourself; it feels like heaven. 

Cool As A Cucumber 

Whosoever coined this term knew what he was doing. Slice up a cucumber and put it in a jar of water; add a little grated ginger and a few sprigs of mint. Keep the drink refrigerated and drink away. This great beverage will keep your mind off the summer heat. 

A Small Portable Fan!

The reason why you might be feeling hot within your house is due to still air. Small portable fans do not consume too much electricity and can efficiently circulate air around the house. Keep the air moving, and you won’t feel so hot any longer. 

Windows Shut

Having your windows open during the afternoon might not be a brilliant idea if you wish to cool down the temperature of your house. Avoid keeping your windows open during the afternoon and open them during the evening when the temperature outside isn’t high. This way, your home will remain cooler during the day. 

Ceiling Fans

Air conditioners are effective, yes, but you can’t go installing air conditioners all around your house, plus they cost a lot. So, install ceiling fans; these keep the air flowing and effectively keep the house cool. 

Ice To The Rescue

A quick and effective tip to cool your body is: put some ice in your shirt. It may sound like a trick, but this does work. An alternate option would be to stick your hand in a bowl of ice, not for long. 

Cooling Towel Or Bandanas 

The cool, refreshing feeling from the cooling towels is a life-saver. You can search for various types of cooling towers and bandanas online and buy what suits your preferences. Buy a minimum of two. While you use one, you can put the other in the freezer and swap when required. 

Wet Your Hat 

Some human beings enjoy sitting in the sun to achieve a summer tan. Although they like the shade the sun provides on their skin, they still are not particularly fond of the hat on their head. So pour some water over your hat so that you can wear it and enjoy the warm sun on the rest of your body. Plus, this might also save you from getting a heat stroke. 

Use The Oven Less

Appliances such as your oven emit a lot of heat. Even when you keep the oven closed post-cooking, the heat from the oven will disperse into your house, resulting in a rise in the temperature. Instead, make use of a microwave or a slow cooker, the heat emitted by these appliances is low, and the electricity usage is also less than the oven. 

Eat Ice-Creams

Summer is the perfect excuse to treat yourself. Ice-creams are an effective solution to high body temperature. So, if you feel that your body is way too heated, why don’t you eat a pint of ice cream to cool it off. 

In Summary

However lovely the summer may sound, the heat does get a bit too hard after a few days. So, make sure you apply some of these methods to tackle the heat this summer. Make sure to stay in the shade and stay hydrated.