6 Places No One Is Allowed To Ever Visit


Bearing in mind the astounding rates of worldwide development and technology expansion, it is unattainable to see in your mind’s eye that there is even a remote possibility that a piece of this planet remains unexplored or even undiscovered. Therefore, there is a special comfort in considering that even in this day in age there are unknown destinations that remain untouched and unexplored. These range from artificial, safeguarded structures to natural mysteries that are sheltered by environmental science, a sliver of places around the world are completely outlawed to travelers from outside. Imagine islands that are loaded with snakes, locked mysteries of religion, extraterrestrial secrets, entire civilians, and virgin wildlife which have never been in contact with the world outside. Several of these places remain cloaked with conspiracy, regarding the behind doors happenings. Others are now better understood, even though they remain forbidden due to several scientific, safety, or governmental set of laws.

Lascaux Caves, France

On the road to find out about the history of mankind, there is one magnificent location that provides mammoth-sized insight. The Lascaux Caves located in the southwestern region of France is the home to a chain of spectacular Paleolithic drawings and paintings, projected to be as old as twenty thousand years old. The drawings and paintings, that cover the walls of the cave, are compellingly vivid, portraying cattle, stags, cats, bison, and much more. However, the most spectacular thing about all the paintings can be seen in the Hall of the Bulls that is famous for the four murals of bulls, one of them being seventeen feet in length. Unfortunately, the Lascaux Caves were prohibited to the public from 1960, due to the fact that they have been plagued by black mold and fungi, each of them being dangerous to the health of humans. In addition, the presence of humans is thought of as a danger to works of art.

Snake Island, Brazil

Almost ninety-three miles off the coast of Sao Paulo in Brazil can be found IIha da Queimada Granda, also referred to as Snake Island. The snakes became trapped on the island when the rising sea levels completely reclaimed the land that connected the island to the mainland. The reason for this designation is that scientists believe that there are approximately between one to five snakes for every ten square feet. The snakes, in particular the golden lanceheads, are famous for their poison, which could actually disintegrate human flesh around the area of the bite. Therefore, it might not be a bad thing that persons are not allowed to set foot on the island.

Area 51, United States

Area 51 has baffled the public for eons, it is considered a playground for the conspiracy theorists. The concealed base for the military in the desert of Nevada has continued to keep the purpose for its existence a secret for decades, even though several individuals like to believe it is a holding and experimental facility for extraterrestrial or alien testing. What is known for certain is that to try to reach the outlawed area would be more than irresponsible, it would be suicidal as the region is covered in land mines and protected by other military defenses.

North Sentinel Island, India

Found on the North Sentinel Island is a civilization of natives that is strictly against the presence and influence of the modern world. The island is located in the Andaman chain in the Bay of Bengal. As a matter of fact, the people of Sentinel that live on the island completely rejected any form of communication with any and all outsiders, plus they are more than willing and able of turning to violence in order to preserve their isolation. During a tsunami in the year 2004, the Indian Coast Guard deployed a scouting operation over the island, the members of the team reported the emergence of individuals from within the forest shooting arrows towards the helicopter, of course, it did not land. The people of Sentinel have resided on the island for over 60,000 years, all with the protection of the Indian government, forbidding visitors of any type, effectively prohibiting authorities, anthropologists, and tourists.

Bohemian Grove, United States

This is the ultimate boy’s club. This is 2,700-acre plot of land in Monte Rio, California, is considered the optimum playground for males. In July each year, the Grove becomes host to a two-week drunken revelry for very important people all over the globe. The membership includes United States presidents, business leaders, government officials, musicians, and artists. There is a mantra that comes with the event, it goes, weaving spiders come not here, and that is to say that there is to be no type of business wheeling and dealing during the event or whilst on the property. The most infamous rumor that allegedly came out of one of the Bohemian Grove events is a Manhattan Project planning meeting back in 1942 that caused the release of the atomic bomb, however, this cannot be confirmed. Membership is exceedingly exclusive, Meaning, even if you wanted to be invited, you would not have been accepted, plus the happenings are extremely top secret.

Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

Shrine culture in Japan is beyond compare, anywhere else in the world. There are approximately in excess of 80,000 shrines located in the island nation. However, there is none more vital to the culture of Japan than the Isa Grand Shrine, which is an elaborate place of worship that just happens to be one of the most expensive architectural structures in the country because of the intricate details of the temple. At over a million-dollar price tag, the shrine is reconstructed every twenty years, so that it can represent the Shinto ritual of death and the renewal of nature. The present-day structure was constructed in 2013. What is more is that unless a person is a member of the imperial family of Japan, there is no chance of being able to enter the sacred corridors of this ancient, noteworthy depiction of the culture of Japan.