Things You Should Never Do On A Plane


Any plane ride could be stressful. Things that look normal on the ground appear completely different and at times very unfamiliar when in the air. Here are some things that should not be done on a flight to ensure that you have an easy and pleasant trip.

Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses typically dry out the eyes. When combined with the air on the interior of the plane, which is also dry, leads to quite unpleasant results. This is why individuals should wear glasses or use one-day contact lenses as an alternative. This is preferred if they have a flight that is considered long. They should also have eye drops handy.

Stop Blocked Ears

The ears could become blocked up as the plane takes off or landing due to the difference in pressure. The initial impulse of an individual is to try unclogging the ears. This technique does not work, however, the individual could reduce the unpleasant feeling in the below ways: Open and close your mouth periodically; Make swallowing and sucking motions. Adults could use chewing gum or candy, while a bottle of water is a great option for children.

Blow out the ears. Individuals should inhale then pinch their nose with their fingers and exhale as if to push the air through the ears. This technique should be used with caution in the event that you have a runny nose or allergic sniffles. In the event that the ears remain blocked, contact a medical professional.

Taking A Flight With A Stuffy Nose

A nose that is stuffy adds additional pressure to the ears. This could result in trauma. Obviously, we are not suggesting that you remain home just because of a cold. However, in situations like this, individuals need a few vasoconstrictive drops prior to taking off and landing. Maxillitis and sinusitis, however, are way too severe to take flights. In the event that individuals are unable to cancel their flights, they should seek advice from their health care provider.

Sit Motionlessly

While in flight, the circulation of blood is reduced, therefore sitting without any motion amplifies the chances of developing thrombosis. Use the following steps to stay clear of it: Stand, take short walks throughout the plane; wear clothing which does not restrict your movement; remove your shoes while on the plane; In the event that the individual has issues with blood circulation, they should wear tights or compression socks. Periodically do some exercises. Simply lifting and dropping the toes and heels is adequate.

Drink Carbonated Drinks

Another result of changes in pressure is gassiness, this could be very unpleasant. This process can be stimulated by carbonated drinks; this is the reason individuals should not drink or eat anything that increases flatulence, such as apples, beans, and brown bread.

Seating In The Rear If Suffering From Motion Sickness

Each person knows this rule; if you suffer from motion sickness, individuals should not choose a seat in the rear of the vehicle. This rule is also true for planes. In order to stay clear of motion sickness, it is better to select the seats to the front or seats near the wings. A day prior to the flight, it advisable to watch what is consumed, do not consume anything fatty or fired, plus do not consume alcoholic beverages.

Touching Surrounding Objects Without Any Reason

A plane is a playground for a variety of bacteria. Previous individuals that were passengers could leave things in the tray tables and the pockets on the back of the seats. There is not always sanitization that takes place for each flight (prior to COVID-19), therefore the bacteria could be transferred to the hands. Touching things excessively are not recommended. Travel with disinfecting or sanitizing wipes.

Use Phone Devices During The Flight

Do not attempt to post images as the plane is in flight. It is too dangerous. As most people would know, landing and taking off is the most challenging phase of the flight. The signal being transmitted from the device could result in interference in the radio communication as well as the navigation system. The cockpit might not be able to hear the information being transmitted by the airport traffic controller.

It should be noted that even when a smartphone is locked there is still acting as it is searching for a network. Plus the frequency might overlap with the frequency emitting from the devices in the aircraft. A few phones operating will not result in a plane crash. However, if all the devices on the plane are active the interference could be obvious.

Use Airplane Headphones

The headphones provided to individuals during a flight are not new, regardless of if they are supplied in a plastic bag. After a flight, the headphones are cleaned and repackaged for the following trip. However, it is difficult to clean headphones properly. After being cleaned, the headphones are still not as clean or as safe as a new pair. Therefore it is better to have your own pair of headphones.

Going Barefoot

It might be very tempting to take your shoes off during a flight so that you could be comfortable. However, this is not considered to be a good idea. This is not only an unsanitary practice of exposing the feet to floors that are overworn and could possibly spread germs but it is simply rude.