7 Things You Should Never Do On An Empty Stomach


Most of us begin our day with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Do you think it is good for you? Maybe not. There are certain foods and drinks you should avoid on an empty stomach.  Drinking a few glasses of water is always great. Yet, you should avoid many activities, foods, and drinks when your belly is empty. Here are seven things you should avoid on an empty stomach. These things will either create a health problem or devoid you of a stable mindset for the task.

 Avoid Citrus Fruits

Eating citrus fruits, including sweet oranges and mandarin oranges, increases the acidity level in the body. Eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach will also cause bloating in your stomach. Moreover, a high amount of fructose and fiber in citrus fruits will impact digestion. People having symptoms of acid reflux or GERD may develop dangerous and uncomfortable symptoms by consuming citrus fruits on an empty stomach. Therefore, it is best to have your citrus fruits with breakfast or after breakfast as morning snacks. You can also have them in the evening or during lunch.

Consuming Tea or Coffee

Most of us drink a cup of tea or a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. It may be an age-old habit in the family, but it doesn’t satisfy your stomach. Caffeine may kick you to start your day, but it creates digestive discomfort. Tea or coffee on an empty stomach secretes hydrochloric acid. It may lead to bloating in the stomach, acidity, or gastritis. Tea and coffee may also cause constipation and vomiting. Research also proves consuming caffeine on an empty stomach increases anxiety levels. So have a quick bite before you brew your coffee.

Consuming Alcohol

Most of us do not prefer alcohol on an empty stomach, and that is great. However, those who have tried know it makes you high quickly. On an empty stomach, alcohol goes into the bloodstream quickly and gets into your head. Alcohol on an empty stomach will also reduce hunger-suppressing hormones, and you will end up eating much more. However, alcohol may also damage your liver and soft linings of the stomach when consumed on an empty stomach.

Taking Medicines

Apart from some medicines, most are consumed after a meal or with meals. Consuming medication on an empty stomach, especially antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, causes nausea, cramps, and gastritis. Certain strong medicines may also damage your stomach linings and increase your blood sugar level. Please consult your doctor if you have to take any medication on an empty stomach. Without a doctor’s prescription, avoid all medicines, particularly consuming on an empty stomach. 

Avoid Rigorous Workouts

If you are practicing yoga or light stretching exercises, an empty stomach is suitable. But if you are a fitness freak and love extreme exercises or pulling weight, avoid workout on an empty stomach. Apart from limiting your performance, an empty stomach workout may also cause dehydration and deplete your endurance levels. So it is best to munch something nutritious and light before you hit the gym.

Avoid Traveling

Traveling on an empty stomach makes you more prone to illness and exhaustion. If you are traveling by air or by train, you must have your meal. Most commuting places are packed with germs and may upset your immunity. There will also be a temptation to snack on something which will be unhygienic and unhealthy. 

It is best to boost up your immune system and travel after having a balanced and nutritious meal. Even if you are driving, an empty stomach may upset your concentration due to hunger pangs in your stomach. In addition, lack of concentration on-road may prove dangerous sometimes. So please put something in your belly before you buckle it up for a drive.

Avoid Shopping

It is best to have a light meal before you go out on a shopping spree. Don’t have a heavy meal as it will make you dull before an exciting rendezvous. If you are going clothes shopping, an empty stomach will give an incorrect fitting. The dress will become uncomfortable after a full tummy. Decisions taken with hunger pangs can be dull and regretful at times. An empty stomach may also decrease your blood sugar level, making you tired and weak. Also, avoid grocery shopping on an empty stomach; you tend to buy more sugary items and high-calorie food.


There are other things like sugar, spicy food, and soda beverages that you must avoid on an empty stomach. Working on an empty stomach will keep you low, dull, and desperate for food. It will also hamper your performance at the office or infield. Hunger pangs can affect you in many ways. It can make you annoyed, restless and even hinder your concentration at work. Similarly, an overfull stomach may also decrease your productivity and performance. Having optimal meals that are nutritious and low in calories is the mantra for a healthy life.