Animals That Can Show Up In Your Toilet


Crossing paths with terrifying guests that are uninvited, such as snakes and rats, is bad enough by itself. This is something that everyone could agree with. However, the situation becomes somewhat of a horror movie in real life, when such creatures appear in your toilet. Hopefully, this article prevents such misfortunes from occurring in your life. Below is some information regarding types of animals that could pop up in your toilet, and how to stop them.


It was reported that an Australian female was bitten by a snake that had found its way into her toilet and hid. Luckily for her, it was not a venomous one. Individuals may be accustomed to hearing stories associated with snakes in Australia. However, this could occur in other countries as well like Thailand and the United States for example. Snakes could get into individual’s bathrooms via the sewer pipes, due to most snakes being excellent swimmers.

They can also access it through ventilation pipes, which means they simply select the toilet as a nice resting place. In San Diego in 2015, the Department of Animal Services removed a five-and-a-half-foot-long Columbian Rainbow Boa. It was found in the toilet of an office complex.


Unfortunately, rats are among the critters that could one day show up in your toilet. They are also great swimmers. Individuals can watch videos on YouTube displaying how easy it is for them to swim up through the sewer pipes. Although it is rare for this to happen, it is still possible, especially when on the hunt for food. According to professional pest control personnel, this occurs very often, especially if the individual resides in a basement or a first-floor apartment. The pipes are empty, so the rat is able to crawl through the pipe and over the hump. Resting itself in the porcelain, but then it is unable to get back out the way it came.


Finding a frog is a lot less frightening than finding a snake, or even a rat. However, without permission, these slimy, small amphibians can present themselves in your toilet. In recent times, there was a mass toilet invasion that occurred in the United Kingdom. It was later explained that there was a frogspawn that was laid in the sewer system. Likewise, at times frogs are believed to access houses through their ventilation pipes. It is recommended that individuals place mesh screens over toilet vents and turn the lights off at night. When the lights are on, they attract bugs, thus attracting frogs.


Rats are not the only rodents that may appear in your toilet. There have been countless accounts of squirrels being discovered in the toilets of individuals. In 2013, a lady in Winnipeg reported hearing loud noises coming from her bathroom. Thinking that it was ‘monsters’ she discovered a squirrel that was caked in whatever slim was in the pipes. It was smelly.


Although coming into contact with a possum that has just come out of the toilet is very rare. It can not be completely ruled out as it is a possibility. For instance, during the year 2016, an infant possum was discovered in a toilet in San Diego. It was later rescued by the Department of Animal Services. The house owner at the time believed that the creature gained access to the house via a window that was broken. It did not swim up any of the pipes.

How To Prevent These Invasions

In the event that individuals find themselves in situations like these, they should not panic. It is best that they simply close the lid of the toilet and place something heavy on the top of it. This should prevent the creature from escaping. Individuals could close the door to the bathroom as well and place something under the crack of the door. As long as these easy protective steps have been taken, it is a good idea to contact an exterminator. They will be able to deal with the current situation and ensure that it should not recur.

Individuals as it relates to preventative measures could install a one-way flap. This would guarantee that once flushed, nothing could come back into the toilet, or climb up it for that matter.