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Animals That Can Show Up In Your Toilet

Every homeowner’s or tenant’s nightmare might just be the surprise of lifting the toilet lid and finding an unexpected guest staring back. But how does such an unusual scenario happen? It’s not a scene out of a horror movie, but rather a result of animals seeking shelter, sustenance, or simply making navigational errors. This article delves into the curious world of critters that may find their way into your toilet, providing insights on their reasons and offering guidance on how to handle such encounters.


Animals That Can Show Up In Your Toilet

Many are taken aback by the notion that snakes could slither their way into residential toilets. The truth is, some species, especially those small and nimble enough, navigate through sewer systems in search of prey, moisture, or shelter. At times, their journey may mistakenly lead them to the plumbing of a household toilet. When the environment provides warmth and possible sustenance in the form of pests or rodents, it becomes all the more appealing to these reptiles.

Encountering a snake in the toilet can be quite alarming. However, it’s crucial to stay calm and avoid making any rash decisions. Not all snakes are venomous, and many just want an escape route. It’s advisable to contact local animal control or a professional snake handler to ensure the safe removal of the snake from the home. Taking steps such as checking seals and ensuring no gaps in plumbing can reduce the chances of such unexpected visits.


Urban legends have long spoken of rats making their way through sewer systems, eventually emerging in someone’s toilet. While it may sound fantastical, this phenomenon has a basis in reality. Rats are skilled swimmers and climbers, and the sewer system provides them with a network of tunnels through which they explore and search for food. Their agile nature and size allow them to squeeze through narrow pipes, sometimes leading them directly into a household toilet.

If faced with a rat in the toilet, it’s essential to handle the situation with caution. Rats can be carriers of diseases and might bite if they feel threatened. One should consider closing the toilet lid and placing a heavy object on top, then contacting pest control or animal services. Preventative measures include routinely inspecting home plumbing, ensuring there are no cracks or openings, and setting up barriers in sewer outlets where rats could gain access.


The damp environment of a bathroom can often mimic the natural habitat of frogs, making toilets an inviting destination for these amphibians. Especially in areas near freshwater sources or after heavy rains, frogs might be in search of new ponds or water sources. While they are harmless, finding a frog perched on the toilet bowl can still be a startling experience for the unexpecting individual.

In the event of discovering a frog in the toilet, the first step should be to ensure its safe removal. Frogs can be gently scooped out using a soft cloth or container and then released outside. To prevent future unannounced visits, homeowners can consider installing mesh or screens on windows, especially ground-level ones, and always ensuring that doors remain closed when not in use.


Animals That Can Show Up In Your Toilet

Squirrels, with their innate curiosity and agility, sometimes find themselves in predicaments. One such situation might be landing inside a toilet. This might happen if a squirrel gets into the house through open vents, chimneys, or other unsecured openings and then finds its way to the bathroom in its explorations. It’s certainly not a common occurrence, but it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility either.

Anyone who discovers a squirrel in their toilet should approach the situation with care. While squirrels are generally non-aggressive, they can become defensive when scared or cornered. It’s best to provide an easy exit route for the squirrel by opening a window or door. To prevent such events in the future, homeowners should ensure that all potential entrances, like vents and chimneys, are securely covered or screened.


Animals That Can Show Up In Your Toilet

Bathrooms, with their often-moist environment and occasional insect visitors, can be prime real estate for lizards. These reptiles may enter homes in search of food or a place to hide, and a forgotten open window or door can be their point of entry. Once inside, the lure of insects or the water inside the toilet bowl might draw them in.

Finding a lizard in the toilet is no cause for panic. These creatures are harmless and can be easily relocated outside. Using a broom or a piece of cardboard can gently guide them out. To ensure they don’t revisit, sealing gaps in windows and doors is essential. Additionally, keeping the bathroom clean and free from insects can make it less appealing to these little reptiles.


Animals That Can Show Up In Your Toilet

While it might seem far-fetched, there have been instances of possums appearing in toilets. These nocturnal creatures, especially the younger ones, can venture into unfamiliar territories while searching for food or shelter. Their explorations may inadvertently lead them into residential areas and, on rare occasions, into the plumbing system of a house, resulting in an unexpected bathroom guest.

Should someone discover a possum in their toilet, it’s vital to handle the situation with caution. Despite their sometimes intimidating appearance, possums are generally non-aggressive but can become defensive when cornered. The best approach would be to close the bathroom door, providing the possum with some quiet, and then calling animal control or wildlife services to safely relocate the creature. Regular inspection of vents and potential openings around the house can help in minimizing the chances of such surprise encounters.


Animals That Can Show Up In Your Toilet

In areas close to freshwater sources, it’s not entirely uncommon for small turtles to find their way into sewer systems. Driven by the search for new habitats or due to disorientation, these creatures might traverse the maze of pipes, eventually landing in someone’s toilet. This phenomenon, while rare, serves as a reminder of the intricate connections between human-made structures and natural habitats.

Upon discovering a turtle in the toilet, it’s essential to ensure its well-being. Gently picking up the turtle and placing it in a container with a bit of water can keep it safe. Contacting local wildlife services or a herpetologist would be the next step to ensure its safe return to a suitable environment. Maintaining regular checks of the home’s drainage system and installing grates can prevent such occurrences.

The Bottom Line

The various instances of wildlife appearing in toilets highlight the interplay between urban environments and nature. Every surprise encounter is a testament to the adaptability and resilience of these creatures. Being informed, taking preventative measures, and reacting calmly when faced with such unexpected guests ensures the safety of both the animal and the individual. Above all, it serves as a reminder of the need for coexistence and understanding in an ever-evolving world.