Signs Your House Is Being Watched By Robbers


It is estimated that there are roughly 900 thefts for every 100,000 individuals each year. So that they are not added to this statistic, countless individuals attempt to safeguard their homes. Several of them select alarms, as others depend on complex locks and sturdy doors. However, even the most observant individuals are not always aware that robbers are carrying out surveillance on their homes.

That they are waiting for the precise moment to make their move. Pay close attention to details that could be associated with theft. Regardless of if they might appear to be insignificant initially. In this article, individuals will find signals that should help them be alert.

Missing Garbage

Thieves are fascinated with a home not just because of jewelry and money. Quite often, individuals throw papers that are considered unnecessary into the garbage. These papers may contain vital information such as name, date of birth, passport number, place of employment and it continues. This information is precisely what many thieves are after in order to use for their own reasons.

This is why individuals should make a rule to always shred or tear up any papers that carry personal information. These papers should be in very tiny pieces when done. Plus, if the individual notices that someone was exploring their garbage, remain aware of this situation. It is not always a homeless person in search of something to eat.

The Disappearance Of Your Dog

Guard dogs for homes are considered a nuisance to robbers. This is the reason they might attempt to get rid of the dog. They will try to draw it out while the owners are not around. After a short while, the thieves will return to the house without any fear of being bitten. Obviously, a missing dog is no guarantee of a pending robbery; however, individuals should not ignore this method either.

An Empty Gas Tank

So as to stop the owners of a house from arriving home earlier than expected, robbers might drain the gasoline from their car tanks. This is in an effort to slow them down while they are on their way home. The worst-case scenario is that you might not make it to a petrol station in time, thereby returning home even later. This is why if you feel certain that the day before there was a full tank of gas and now it is empty. Identify a person that could look after your home while you are out, until your return.

A New Janitor

In the event that an individual utilizes the services of cleaning companies and it is always the same worker that provides the service. If there happens to be an appearance of a new cleaner it should set off some alarms. In particular, if the company does not notify you it beforehand. The new cleaner could be a thief that wants to survey the home for valuables. The wisest thing is to contact the cleaning company and seek clarity on whether there has been a change in staff. Also, ascertain the reason for the replacement of the previous worker.

A Broken Window

Several criminals throw stones at the windows of a home or the car in order to ascertain if someone is home. This is also to confirm if the alarm system is active. In the event that neither the homeowner nor the neighbors checked to see what happened, plus the police did not visit the scene either. This could assist the robbers in calculating the optimal time for the robbery. In the event that you are at home and a window is broken in this manner, contact the police immediately.

Issues With Lights

If the individual resides in a private home and there are lights equipped with motion sensors installed on the property. They should be checked immediately in the case of a malfunction. Slightly unscrewed but not yet burnt-out light bulbs are an indication that someone wants to get close to the house. And not just close to the house, they want to do it without being detected.

Commercials & Stickers

Thieves have a tendency of marking easy houses to get into with simple stickers and commercial flyers. Obviously, at times a flyer is just what it is, a flyer. However, regardless, it is better to get rid of it immediately. If the individual is going on holiday, ask a trusted neighbor to remove any ad booklets or stickers. Also ask them to take out any mail from the mailbox as stacks of papers in the mail indicate that there is no one at home.

Strange Marks

Remove any and all suspicious or unusual marks which might appear on the door or window of the home. The marks might also be seen on garden lanterns or just in close proximity to the house. This is yet another technique used by robbers to identify easy to get into homes. Or that the occupants are not around.

Calls From Numbers Unknown

For the purpose of ascertaining whether the owners of a home are out. Or the times that they are away mostly, the robbers might call from an unknown number and then drop the call. Sometimes when a small child answers the call, they might attempt to get information from them. Speak to your children about giving out information to strangers and to notify an adult about dropped calls. It is much safer to advise the police regarding such.

Broken Locks

Scratches on the door or a malfunctioned lock could be signs of somebody attempting to access the house without permission. Take immediate action and contact the police. Also replace the locks for more secure and reliable ones. You might also want to consider installing an alarm system. Bear in mind that if you return home and encounter robbers, do not attempt to catch them or scare them off. Try to get away without being noticed and contact the police.