Hurricane Emergency Prep List


A hurricane causes fast-moving winds, and it causes thunderstorms that lead to very heavy rain, which can cause damage to property and life. If you ever end up facing a hurricane, do not take it lightly. Try your best to move out as fast as possible because you could end up in danger. If there is an order to evacuate the area you live in, you must try to move out fast because everyone will be trying to leave, and there is a high possibility of traffic. If you decide to stand your ground, there are a few things that you should have to keep yourself safe and to survive the hurricane.

Bottled Water And Non-Perishable Food

Ensure that you have the necessary items to keep yourself fed and hydrated because there is a chance you won’t have any running water, and the stores might close. Having food and water might be the most important item on this list. If you have your family with you, you will need to keep a lot more food and water to make the necessary adjustments. At a minimum, try to keep about a week’s worth of supplies. Get nutritious food and avoid junk food or food with little nutritional value. Canned vegetables, canned meat, jams, or spreads are great options. 

Tools And Other Supplies

The power will likely go out in the event of a hurricane, so make sure you have enough batteries, flashlights, etc., to keep you comfortable. It is also wise to have a battery-powered radio so you can receive information about the hurricane. In addition, you will want to have flashlights, plates, utensils, board games, sleeping bags, a generator, clean clothes, matches, and a lighter handy as you prepare for the hurricane. 

First Aid And Sanitation

In case of an emergency and if someone is hurt, it is useful if you have bandages, sanitizer, gloves, medical scissors, ointments, and other medicine to take care of yourself and your family. It is a good idea if you decide to keep all these items in a waterproof container. Keep some medicine if someone catches a cold, too, in case it becomes wet inside the house. 

Extra Fuel

If you need to go out in case of an emergency, it is valuable to have some extra fuel to fill your car with fuel. You can also use this fuel if you have a generator or if you need to light a fire in case of an emergency. Just make sure that you are storing the fuel safely so that there is no risk of sudden unwanted fires.

In addition, also make sure that you try to make sure that your house is as waterproof as possible. Keep everyone in your family inside the house as much as possible. Close all the windows to prevent any water from entering. 


Even though you decide to stay at home, you must be careful because you can build your house again and purchase all of your material belongings again, but your safety and life are much more important. Water and electricity may not be there for many days, so make sure that you have everything kept ready to not get into any problems later on. Take care of yourself as well as the people living with you and stay safe.