Snow Biking: What Is It And How To Start


With an increased attraction from sport athletes and fans worldwide, the sport of snow biking is ever-growing vigorously. While watching the snow bike professionals, who are no less than stuntmen, we tend to gaze at them in awe. Their tricks and tactics amuse us. To see them is a marvelous view; the way they play with snow-draped on the ground is beyond imaginary. Here, we will discuss the basics of snow biking, and I’ll provide you with all the tips to start building your skills in this field. 

Snowbike- Your All Snow Vehicle

A snowbike is said to be a hybrid of a motocross bike and a snowmobile. Snowbikes work on snow and ice terrain as well as trails. They have their wheels removed and replaced by a single ski in the front and a uniquely designed snowbike style tract on the rear, preparing them for wondrous mountains. Reports suggest modern snow bikes are high-powered mobiles that can achieve speeds up to 150 mph. Features such as trail model designs, weight, clipless pedals, and a top engine of 800 ccs boost them to exploit the snow-capped mountains. 

Wear The Right Gear  

You ought to wear warm and waterproof boots. There is a particular class of boots that are designed explicitly for winters and snows. You can go in for comfortable, warm traditional gloves, or you can invest in a pair of mittens. It is essential to wear a helmet, but make sure you choose a comfortable, insulated helmet. If an insulated helmet is not an option, a thermal burnie under a typical helmet should do wonders for you. To avoid keeping yourself from squinting every time, make sure to wear goggles or sunglasses. Always go in for athletic wear to be well insulated. Ideally, a wool cloth is preferred as it is wind-resistant and does not hold moisture. A layer of waterproof clothing will also be a good step. 

You Got To Move It

Hopefully, before embarking on your snow biking adventure, you have some prior experience operating a motorcycle. If not, you should first get hands-on on using the clutch and hand throttle. Begin on first gear, just like you do it on a geared motorbike. Initially, practice on open flat terrain to build up your confidence levels. Once you ace this, your next focus should be the curves. Practice the turns while keeping your momentum, especially in the fresh snow. While you begin getting more comfortable, slowly begin to increase your gears and try to maintain a grip. Go for a well-packed trail as it is frequently used by bikers, i.e., a cyclist’s ride track, and gives you the surface balance required. 

Note The Weather Condition

For a beginner, it is wise to avoid a fresh snowy day. A warmer and low windy weather with minimal snowfall is much appreciated. Intense snow can make it difficult to find a grip and can also affect your balance. Sometimes, the trail is just too thick and layered with tons of snow. Do not go in for undiscovered tracks. The weather can get windy, hazy, or snowy, and it might be a difficult task for you to find your way back. As for your body, winter adds in more dehydration than summers, mostly due to the windy air that evaporates sweat instantly. Therefore, make sure to hydrate yourself well, carry along a thermal bottle with warm water and keep yourself well insulated. 

Some Guiding Tips:

  • You might get stuck due to deep snow. Hence, try getting yourself pointed downhill to avoid any issues. 
  • Do not try to put your feet on the ground as soon as you stop. 
  • Face downhill if you’re planning to stop mid-way.
  • Avoid jerky movements while you fall. With the right posture, try to lift your legs until someone helps you.
  • Make sure to carry a radio or a jockey along. It will aid you to contact people whenever stuck. 
  • Watch for any hindrance ahead of you.
  • Try to lean back and hammer the gas while trying to cross a creek draw.
  • Carry a first aid and conversion kit along. 
  • Check your fuel and tire pressure before getting set for a long trail.


This experience will indeed be a lifetime experience for all the beginners out there. Once you’re all set and prepared, go through the to-do list one last time. It is the right time to use winter rides and the weather to the fullest by gifting yourself with a new adventurous experience. Go out, aim your target, get set on the trail, and fly high because you are meant to conquer the mountain and sky!