Worst Cities For Outdoor Enthusiasts


For outdoor enthusiasts choosing a city or state is a daunting task as it requires a lot of self-study and knowledge. When it comes to the US, there are numerous places to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a country with plenty of beaches, scenic beauty, amusement parks, and many recreational activities. Most of the metropolis provides enormous green spaces, environmental favors, and bike shops. But there are some tangible factors associated with the selection and need a lot of consideration.

If you’re looking for great outdoors, then some cities/ states are not for you because they have very little to offer to the outdoor enthusiasts, such as poorly maintained parks, no walking trails, and other recreating facilities. The authorities like the Municipal of the United States have invested minimal effort, time, and money for their maintenance. These places lack waste production measures, emission of CO2, use of land, water, and energy.

Dallas, Texas 

The northeastern city in Texas lacks safety. The crime rate is much higher than in other cities. The citizens and travelers are more likely to become a victim of violent crime. Dallas is becoming very popular for homicide cases, unfortunately. However, it has incredible museums, shopping malls, good neighborhoods, and food zones to enjoy. But the dark side of the city has affected tourism a lot.

Cleveland, Ohio 

Property crime is the biggest problem in Cleveland. Therefore, while driving or parking a car, you need to take precautions.  There are chances of theft and robbery, mainly when driving through East Cleveland. 

Fresno, California

When we talk of cities for recreation, Fresno has a lot to offer to please the visitors, like the national parks, lakes, underground dwellings, and a lot of adventures. Hiking trails are more challenging to face. But when it comes to safety, it rates very high in violent crimes. So it can be considered among the worst places for outdoor lovers. 

Charlotte, North Carolina

The main reasons to visit this city are the southern food, nature trails, museums, BBQ, and the NASCAR races. Studies show that this city is the most unsafe place in the state for outdoor recreation due to more crime, accidents, and natural disasters. This state ranks 53rd concerning safety, especially finances. Therefore your trip could be nasty. 

Memphis, Tennessee 

Memphis is the birthplace of the famous rock n’ roll king Elvis Presley. It is known for its scenic beauty, famous rivers (Mississippi). But with more than 1,800 incidents, Memphis, Tennessee, is considered among the most dangerous cities in Southern America. The violent crime rate per 100,000 people is relatively high. 

Detroit, Michigan

It is the largest city in the midwestern state of Michigan. It is also called the Motor city, very famous for the auto industry. Ford, Fiat, and General Motors hold their headquarters here. But this city has been abandoned due to unpaid taxes and mortgage defaults of properties. According to the survey reports in the US, Detroit is changing demographically. The current scenario states that this city has everything tourists love to see, from perfect destinations to lively urban vibes and scenic spots. There are numerous parks and recreation centers and many Golf Course areas with great deals and promotion codes. But crime, shooting, drugs, urban blight, and poverty, along with rising crime rates, have made this place dangerous.

San Francisco, California 

It is one of the wealthiest and the most expensive cities in America. It’s the commercial, financial and cultural center known for its tourist attraction, cool summers, landmarks, steep hills with cable cars rolling, and architecture. According to the Census Bureau of the US, among the various centers, per capita income in San Francisco is average due to the high cost of living. San Francisco’s Tenderloin District is the worst area full of violence, property crime, and drug dealing.

The neighborhoods are very unsafe and tricky to navigate. Some incidences like car-break ins, pickpockets, and interaction with the homeless are widespread, so you need to be very careful. Moreover, the wildfires due to heatwaves and lightning strikes have affected many individuals.


It’s everyone’s dream to take out some time from a busy schedule and enjoy some outdoor activities with family. But is it safe? This question keeps haunting you every moment. Therefore, even if you plan an outdoor trip for some good reasons, make sure to choose destinations wisely by getting the required information either online or through reliable sources. Study the details deeply to know that the states/cities you’re going to visit are suitable financially and physically.