Fun Car Games To Play During Road Trips


Games play an essential role in turning a boring drive into a fun experience. Before you go on your next road trip, consider playing these games to keep everyone from becoming bored. Younger kids need something to distract them and keep their minds focused on games to help them learn. In return, everyone else gets to participate in a family game to pass the time on the road. 

Alphabet Game

The alphabet game is the classic road trip game, which does not require game pieces or board. In order from A to Z, players find every letter of the alphabet to use branded trucks, restaurant names, billboards, road signs, etc. Members can decide whether they want to play single or in a group. 

20 Questions

Younger kids ask endless questions from others to get out of their system. 20 question game is the best way. In this game, one person thinks of a place, person, or thing. And the other one takes turns to ask questions yes or no. After each turn, the second person has to guess who/where/what it is. 

Cow On My Side

For the families driving through the countryside, this game is perfect, and especially their kids get to engage in this game for a long duration, which helps make the car environment happy and smooth. You have to ask your kids to yell cow on my side whenever they see a cow on their side, and if the cow is on the opposite side, they can steal the points by saying cow on my side. The person who yells the cow first steals all the points.

Interstate Highway Bingo Cards

These cards have photos of familiar road trip sights with fingertip shutters. Common road trip sights include rest areas, horses, and farmhouses. The one who gets five pictures in a row first became the queen or king of the game.

Rule Game

The rule game is the most loved game by kids as they are always trying to control the big ones in this game; they get a chance to rule overall. The smallest one has to make one rule that makes no sense that everyone must follow like whenever I wear my hat, everyone in the car has to touch the car roof, or whenever a car goes under a bridge, we all have to laugh aloud. Among all who have the lowest points when a person arrives at their destination will lose the game.

Going On A Picnic 

This game is beneficial to boost your memory power. In this story, memory game one says I’m going on a picnic, and I’m going to bring….” And list the thing, and then another person also says the same, but before including his thing, he must add the thing wanted by the first one in this way, the list goes on and whoever misses the item is the loser.

Quiet Game 

Kids tend to speak more and make logical statements to stop this, and for some silence purposes, you can also ask everyone to keep quiet; whoever talks will lose the game. 

Rock Paper Scissors

Everyone has played this game in their school time. It is a perfect car game. No equipment is required, and everyone knows how to play. Whoever loses will have to do sing-song or do anything that can be done in the car easily.

License Plate Game

You have to collect different United States license plates on the road trip during a calendar year or during summer in this game. You can include various fun variations in this by making rules of playing single or in the team, by keeping different scoreboards.

Hum That Tune Game

One player hums the well-known song, and others have to guess the song and sing it properly. The first one to do this gets the point, and the game goes on. This game makes the boring drive into a fun-loving experience.

What Color Is It?

In this game, one person recites a list of products in the same color until the other one guesses the color like one says corn, sun, banana, kitchen walls, and so on. After adding ten things to a list, if one cannot guess the color, they lose.


This article brought you an abundance of fun car games to play on your road trips. These games help in making a good bond between the family members. It’s an excellent way to turn tedious torturous hours of driving into quality family bonding and memorable moments. You all get to know each other. These small activities will show the different sides of kids and parents. By this game, youngsters also leave their mobile phones and get involved in these games.