Newest Coronavirus Symptoms You Need To Know

If you experience any of these, seek medical attention. Every day, doctors are discovering new symptoms of COVID-19. In addition to those widely reported—fever, shortness of breath, etc—some patients are feeling things considered atypical for now. Here’s a list of what doctors are seeing firsthand. Share it with your friends and family to keep them their healthiest.

1. Rashes That Look Like Chickenpox

“This is an unusual symptom that looks different on everyone with COVID-19,” says Dr. Christine Traxler. “Some will have hives, others will have rashes from tiny broken blood vessels in the feet, and others will have symptoms that look a lot like chickenpox.” “These rashes are thought to be due to the body’s immune response to the inflammation caused by the virus,” says Dr. Monique May. “Rashes can be seen on the chest or torso or on the extremities such as the legs, fingers, and toes.”

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