Most Heavily Guarded Homes Around The World


Fame comes with a price, and so does being rich. Once you get famous, you hardly get any privacy, your life gets dangerous, and people are always prying on you. Once you build a mansion, you have to guard it against trespassers as by making it so appealing, you are attracting people; not all of them tend to be good with their intentions. This list is about how the elite class has gone beyond prediction to make their homes secure and impossible to enter without their will. If you try to get in unauthorized, there are chances you might end up facing some serious challenges such as getting stranded over there forever and even death!

Home Of Bill Gates

Bill Gates might seem like a humble, friendly person, but that doesn’t mean you sneak into his house whenever you wish. It is also known as one of the most expensive properties in the world, and since it is owned by a software expert, why not it be a high-tech mansion just as we predicted! To control his electricity bills from going off records by implanting mines and electrical fences, he has his house surrounded by a grove of trees and plantations, which also gives them privacy from the lurking photographers and paparazzi. Along with this state of the art security, he has cameras and heat detectors which alert the residentials of any intruder from a mile away. If they have visitors, they have to wear a special pin which helps them to control the heating and electrical equipment around the house. No doubt, he lives in one of the safest homes ever.

The Kardashian’s Home

After firing her bodyguard Pascal Duvier, Kim Kardashian also increased the security around her own house without taking any further risks. The security team manning the area was background checked very intensely; only the best were hired. No one is allowed to enter the property without a pre-approved pat-down by security. Instead of taking one car, she has dozens of cars standing outside at her disposal, which follow and mix up throughout the journey to make sure nobody follows her footsteps. Multiple motion detectors and hidden cameras also surround the property. Rumor has that there is also a safe room with state of the art technology for any bad eventuality making the house as safe as Fort Knox.

Maximum Security Mansion

The Maximum Security Mansion in evergreen Colorado is definitely very heavily protected. As the property spreads over 32 acres, it has a six million dollar security system which almost puts all the other houses at shame. The best feature of this house is that anyone with an Apple iPhone can check into it and look around by the cameras installed all through the house, the only thing needed is the login details and the security team consent. The property has impressive thermal imaging by which any prints being left behind can be checked and recognized within twenty minutes so beware if you break and enter this house, you might not get far. With the super censors all over the house, the house speaks for itself and lets everyone know anything from the bathroom floods to the kitchen fire, accidental or intentional.

Ryongsong Residence

Kim Jong un has gone to lengths to ensure the security of his home as he does for his country. The residence is surrounded by an electric fence, an armed guard, and a minefield. The walls are protected with iron rods with lead-covered concrete which can withstand a nuclear blast. In a case of disaster and a quick escape, the house is connected to other royal residences such as Chanyoung House, also known as Residence number 26 through secret underground tunnels. Moreover, even if the intruder makes it through the gates and guards, God knows what kind of chemical substances await them ahead which get released in the air when the alarms go off.

Buckingham Palace

On one hand, it is a popular tourist trap in London, but on the other hand; it is the most secure location of the entire kingdom and perhaps the world. A few roads surrounding the palace are closed off each time the visiting hours and the police take over the no go area to make sure everything goes smoothly. Since a guy named Michael Fagan scaled the building to have a good look around, the precautions are tighter than ever. If you have been there, you might have seen the famous changing of guards. The guards carry a ring around the system to make sure no guard droops his eyelids to sleep during his shift in the calmness of the night. The system works like guard A ringing guard B, guard Bringing guard C, who then rings guard D. The ringing goes on the whole night, covering the entire property.

The White House

Do you know that Barack Obama was the most heavily guarded president in the world, and that The White House also has every safety feature you could or could not think of? For starters, the iron fence that surrounds The White House seemingly looks ordinary, but it can hold an inside or outside impact by any car you can think of. The property has special agents on the grounds at all times which make sure only friendly visitors make it through the gates. The food scanning process is quite impressive and is done off-site in order to detonate everything off the premises. The White House also controls the restricted air space by which helicopters cannot come too close and even if they do, the house has bulletproof windows, radars, and infrared sensors that can detect any local or unwanted movement miles outside the premises.

Kronstadt Fort Alexander I

The whole point behind building this fort was to keep unwanted people away from Saint Petersburg in Russia. Also, there is no way you can ever get close to the property. There are nearly forty forts in the vicinity and amongst them, Kronstadt Fort Alexander I is the most secure. There have been futile efforts to take over the fort but people have given up on spending their time and energy bothering about it because the fort is just too secured. The military installments have 12 meters long pilllars that dig deep into the ocean, reinforcing the top of the property. The whole security doesn’t just end here. There are 5535 of these piles, which definitely cannot be knocked over. These piles have more layers. making them further indestructible. The first layer is of sand, the second is concrete, topped by a third layer of granite. Although it is abandoned now, it is not good to make a day trip to this fort either.


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