Is Investing In Precious Metals A Smart Move For Survival


Almost everyone falls for a common misapprehension regarding precious metals at some point in their life. The burning question is, “Is investing in precious metals an intelligent move for survival?” At times, you may think that preserving gold or costly metals will never help you when any crisis arises. With the ongoing pandemic, many people have felt this question from the bottom of their hearts. You may also have spent sleepless nights thinking about how those precious metals can contribute to your survival plan. 

Do You Ever Think Investing In Coins Can Be Useless? Does The Fear Of Never Getting Anything Out Of Them Haunt You? 

Your brain may keep reminding you for the whole day to stay away from collectible metal coins. Don’t listen to your brain. It may seem useless at times to buy currencies of metals. But these collectible coins are authentic pieces of art. But their values keep changing from time to time, and the fluidity of any notable mint coin changes. 

But this will never happen with authentic metal coins like gold or silver. The fluidity of precious metal coins never changes with time. So, without any doubt, you can trade them at their melt value. 

What Is The Need For The Metals During A Pandemic If You Can’t Use Them To Drink, Eat Or Protect Yourself? 

Do you remember the modes of trade and exchange during the Harappan or other famous civilizations? Yes, they used these precious metals as a great emblem of value for ages. These metals are different forms of money. And with cash, you can always get yourself anything you want, like food, drinks, or arms and ammunition to protect yourself. 

Any intelligent person will readily exchange anything for precious metals. The reason for it is straightforward. Metals are an essential medium of trade and exchange. You never know what others need for trading. So, these precious metals serve as a critical medium of currency. 

Are You Investing In Precious Metals — Good Or Bad? 

Despite the market conditions, some metals always remain at the higher ends. Their price never falls despite the fluctuations of the economic conditions. Recently, you may have witnessed the drop in the price of gold due to the blow of the pandemic. But this never reduces its value even the slightest. It is still holding its importance in the market, solid and tight. 

Precious metals have their applications in various industry types like jewelry, electronics, dental instruments, and much more. They have unique physical properties that allow them to be for different purposes. A metal that can be in most industries can never have a low value. And all these things naturally motivate people to invest in these precious items. 

There is no place for doubt regarding this question. Whatever be the state of the market, it is always beneficial to invest in these items. It is a great idea to save smartly for the long run. These items will always keep increasing in value with time. They will never lose weight. So it is always better to invest in valuable metals than directly saving money. Annual inflation will always lead to the lowering of the value of fiat money.

Contrary to this, the value of regular items increases annually by a certain percentage. The hike can also go up to double digits in some places, resulting in lower direct monetary value. So, investing in something whose price will always rise is more beneficial. 

How To Invest In These Metals? 

This subject may seem like a straightforward one. But it has two ways to do it. The first one is buying the physical forms of precious metals, namely gold, silver, platinum, and so on, and preserving them for future use. The second way is to invest in the form of stocks. Stock market exchange is a prevalent opinion and also an excellent place for earning more money. 

You can buy any number of stocks of your selected metal. Buying metal ETFs means that the price of the ETF connects to the metal. When the costs of the metals rise, the price of the ETFs will also increase. 

Precious metals are limited, and that is the main reason for them being so valuable. The availability rate of these metals has not increased in a significant amount in recent times. So your investments become more valuable with time.

The Perfect Metal To Invest In! 

While you are still a beginner trying to understand the whole process, it’s better not to dig too deep. Every kind of investment has some risk. Investing in some metals can be risky as a beginner. So it is better to invest in safer options. 

  • Gold will always occupy the first position, then comes silver, platinum, palladium with copper at last.  
  • Gold always holds the first position in the material merchandise. 
  • Silver is second on the list. It has extensive uses in the fields of medicine, electronics, energy, and so on. 
  • Platinum, the third on the list, is famous for jewelry. It is also in catalytic converters in cars. The demand for platinum decides its price in the market. 
  • A scarce metal – palladium, comes next. Its availability is lower than that of platinum and gold. Palladium is a precious metal for profit seekers, and they use the volatility of palladium to earn more profit. The most crucial function that palladium is to prevent air pollution. It is also in catalytic converters, watchmaking, dentistry, and so on. 
  • Copper is the last on the list as it is inexpensive and has a massive contribution in many industries. It has its significance as you cannot replace it in several cases. Copper is also in the manufacturing of different types of machines. Copper is used to making electrical and connecting wires, motors, heat exchangers, generators, etc. Copper is so vital for its excellent conductivity and malleability. 

The Final Say  

Investing in precious metals is an excellent idea for the future. Metals can hold a greater value in the future than flat money. But many people doubt this investment as they think that this has a minimal range of use. Precious metals have a vast range of use in most of the prevalent industries and several other places. Gold, silver, and platinum group metals ( PMGs) can hold their value in the market for a long time, even against inflation. The ultimate advice in this type of investment is to have a realistic goal with a proper risk management plan.