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How to Properly Store Food Long-term

Do you know how to store long-term food items properly? Having goods in storage can help you survive during an emergency. Get ready for the next emergency situation with supplies on hand.

Choose Goods With a Long Shelf Life

Some goods will last longer than others on their own. Items like white rice can last well over 20 years if stored properly. Wheat often comes in a hermetically sealed foil wrapper and can last up to 30 years in that packaging. Dried beans offer a good source of protein and have a 30-year shelf life. Other essentials are sugar, salt, and baking powder that can last indefinitely if kept in a dry location.

Powdered milk with no fat content can last over 20 years in the original packaging. Instant coffee can provide comfort and energy, lasting 30 years if kept dry. Honey has been found dating back 3,000 years and has an indefinite shelf life.

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