Get Your Gear: 5 Must-Haves if You’re a Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor enthusiasts thrive in the fresh air, under the sun or sheltering out of the rain, whether that is off the beaten path or in the backyard. If this sounds familiar, then you probably know how gear can make or break an outdoor activity. Make sure you have the right gear for your outdoor adventures by checking out these must-have items.

1. First Aid Kit



Get started off on the right foot and make sure everyone stays safe. First aid kits for outdoor enthusiasts can range from a small pre-packaged one to an assortment of safety equipment you put together yourself.

Be sure whatever kit you decide on has the basics for your chosen activity. The first aid kit for a kayaker might look very different from the one used by a serious rock climber.

2. Hydration System


It doesn’t matter what type of outdoor activities you enjoy; you need to stay hydrated. If you will be near a reliable source of potable water, opt for a refillable bottle like the Nalgene Silo. If your adventures will take you further afield, plan to carry in about two liters of water per day or bring along a portable purification system to be safe.

3. Sun and Insect Protection

Nothing can ruin an otherwise great day out in nature like a sunburn. And that’s without going into the long-term health consequences of sun damage. Make sure you always have a full bottle of sunscreen. Outdoor enthusiasts will want to shop for one that offers broad-spectrum coverage and an SPF of at least 25 for the best protection.


A high-quality insect repellant can help keep them from pestering you all day or night. It can also keep disease-carrying pests like mosquitos and ticks at bay. There are plenty of choices from sprays to lotions to wearables, so choose wisely and in line with your personal preferences.

4. Charging Device

From cell phones to navigation devices, you’ll probably have at least a couple of electronic devices with you outdoors. Satisfy the battery hogs among them by carrying a portable charging unit.

Solar options are super lightweight and easy to use, but you’ll probably have to keep them exposed to the sun while charging. A small power bank may be all you need for a day or two of use. Just make sure it is fully charged before you head outdoors and to keep it secured in a dry bag if there’s a chance it will get wet.

5. A Backpack

From a simple hydration pack for short outings to a larger multi-day bag, a backpack can help you carry all of this great gear wherever you go. Look for rugged construction and durable materials for a long-lasting bag that you can take on your adventures for many years.
Many outdoor enthusiasts prefer one with several smaller, individual compartments so you can store your keys and cell phone away from larger items and keep tabs on them easily.

Get Going!

When the idea of another day stuck inside is enough to make you start bouncing off the walls, grab your gear and head for the outdoors. For more ideas, visit The Outdoor Wear today.


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