Bug Bites You Should Never, Ever Ignore


Even though the majority of bug bites are simply just a nuisance. There are several that could be dangerous and intensify into serious ailments if they are not treated correctly and properly.

Bed Bugs

Even though bites from bed bugs are not fatal, it is vital that they are diagnosed when they arise. Once you have been bitten by a bed bug. It injects an anticoagulant and anesthetic which makes it difficult for an individual to recognize they have been bitten. As a matter of fact, the majority of individuals do not recognize that they have been bitten, not until the marks appear. This could occur anywhere from one to several days subsequent to the initial bite. The bite marks will manifest as slightly swollen, red areas which might itch.

They resemble bites from fleas or mosquitoes. However, they have a tendency of running in a straight line and gathering in a concentrated area that was exposed during sleep. Although the bed bugs do not transmit any diseases, having an infestation in the mattress means an exterminator is required immediately.

When the breeding ground for the bugs has been rectified, the optimal method of treating oneself is to avoid scratching. The reason being is that scratching could result in secondary skin infections. Infections could also be prevented by the use of antiseptic lotions and creams.


Chiggers are formed from the larvae of a kind of mite and feed on vertebrates like humans. The bite from a chigger produces a red welt that is accompanied by bright red dots in the middle. There is also an unrelenting itch that comes along with them. Chiggers are microscopic and locating them with the naked eye is practically impossible. However, they could be seen on the skin when they are congregated in groups because of the red color they have. Even though the bites from chiggers could occur anywhere on the body.

The majority of the time, they tend to occur in clusters on the lower legs or around the waist. The itching normally begins within a few hours after the bite. There might also be reddish bumps that resemble pimples, hives, or welts. Captivatingly, chiggers have very delicate mouths that could only bite into parts of the skin that have wrinkles or folds.

These are the parts of the body that individuals should focus on. An enzyme is injected into the skin from the bite which causes the tissue to deteriorate. Uniquely, chiggers feed off of tissue and not blood, so the bitten area could take weeks to heal properly. In order to assuage the itch, use cold compression and take antihistamines.


If not treated correctly, scabies has the potential of resulting in the worst side effects. Therefore, it is extremely critical to realize the bites. Regrettably, these stings can take as much as six weeks to manifest. Their occurrence spreads across a gamut of bug bites and parasites. Scabies is derived from microscopic itch mites which tunnel into the skin in order to lay eggs.

They reproduce within the layer of the epidermis. The most noticeable symptoms include a rash that resembles a pimple and consistent itching which typically intensifies during the night. Blisters or scales are also common, plus sores that are triggered due to scratching. The actual bites take on a look that resembles acne, however, the symptoms normally manifest on the feet and hands. Due to the fact that scabies is extremely contagious, it is important to seek advice from a health care provider immediately. Hydrocortisone one percent cream could aid in relieving the itchiness.

Tick Bites

Ticks are tiny animals that resemble spiders. However, they are blood-sucking parasites that bite so that they can attach themselves to the host and suck their blood. Once contact has been made, it takes around forty-eight hours for the tick to be capable of transmitting bacteria to the bloodstream of its host. Ticks carry numerous illnesses, such as Powassan, Colorado Tick Fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and the most famous Lyme disease. The ticks that transmit Lyme disease are native to the states in the Northeast.

However, they are currently found in all fifty of the states. Ticks are known to be drawn to areas that are moist and warm on the skin. Therefore, if the individual spends plenty of time outdoors, ensure that they check their sock lines and waistbands. The majority of individuals know to look for the circular skin rash, which typically appears around the bite. However, this does not occur in everyone. Other indicators are fatigue, headaches, fever, joint pain, and muscle spasms.