Body Parts That Reveal How Smart You Are


At times, knowing the answer to riddles or questions is not always the way to determine how intelligent an individual is. Individuals often consider that intelligence is the only key in determining how brainy or smart an individual is. However, this is not true. Science has given us ways in ascertaining an individual’s intelligence and those keys lie in the body. Specific parts of the body could reveal how intelligent an individual really is. The brain is not the only thing that indicates the level of intelligence of an individual.

Long Legs

Researchers out of Princeton University and Brown University suggest that individuals that are taller might actually make more money. When compared to shorter individuals due to the fact that they might be more intelligent. The scientists used data that was collected about the salaries, educational experience, intelligence, weight, and height of individuals. These were individuals from the United States and the United Kingdom that were born between 1958 and 1970. The data was recorded from their birth until they reached adulthood.

The conclusion from this in-depth analysis revealed that the individuals who were considered tall as children outperformed the shorter children on cognitive tests. Additionally, taller individuals have a tendency to work in occupations with higher pay rates, which also require higher levels of intelligence. Including advanced levels of numerical and verbal skills. Scientists are still baffled by the link between intelligence and height. However, several individuals believe that early childhood care and genetics play a significant role in the brain’s development.


The dominance of one hand might always indicate automatically that the individual is smart; however, it could offer advantages. As a matter of fact, left-handed individuals might have the upper hand, pun intended, in receiving more cognitive advantages than their right-handed counterparts. A study done in Athens took one hundred participants, fifty were right-handed and fifty left-handed, and provided them with two cognitive tests.

One of the tests challenged the participants to construct a trail through a bunch of circles as fast as possible. While the other test included number-letter sequencing. The left-handed individuals outperformed the right-handed participants on each test. This suggested that they had stronger mental flexibility and working memory. Several experts suspect that these cognitive capabilities might be due to left-handed individuals being able to use both hemispheres of their brain in processing information.

Large Belly

Individuals overall well-being can be impacted on many levels by their body fat. It could have an effect on heart health, blood pressure, and even cognitive function. A study that lasted for five years and included over 2,200 individuals. Scientists discovered that individuals with a body mass index of twenty or less had the ability to recall fifty-six percent of words in a vocabulary test.

Whereas individuals that were obese only could recall forty-four percent. What is more, is that those obese individuals recalled even fewer words when they were retested after five years. This led experts to believe that fat hormone had the ability to damage the brain cells. Another possibility if that obesity is a cardiovascular risk factor, because of the hardening and thickening of the blood vessels, the same occurs with the arteries in the brain.

Large Heads

There is no one that likes to be known for a big head; however, actually having a big head might actually indicate intelligence. A study which was published in Molecular Psychiatry provided more than 500,000 individuals with physical and cognitive assessments. While doing this they also assessed their saliva, urine, and blood. Scientists discovered that individuals who had bigger heads as young children had higher tests scores on verbal-numerical reasoning. They were also more likely to receive a college degree.