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Animals You Are Most Likely To Get In A Deadly Encounter With


The 21st Century is a world where forest cover decreases and skyscraper buildings and concrete roads are increasing. Despite the forest cover decreasing, cases of animal attacks have been piling around the globe. For instance, the onset of the 21st Century saw a massive loss of forest area worldwide. The animal home has been destroyed for the plummeting population of human beings. 

What Has Cutting Down Forest Areas Has To Do With Animal Killings?


Imagine this; you are kicked out of your home without any compensation. You are not even paid a single dime from the person who is occupying your space. You now have no home to stay in, no place to go. Reducing forest cover is like the same situation for animals. Humans are practically forcing them out of their homes. If such a thing keeps going on, where will animals stay? 

What Kind Of Animals Are Most Likely To Kill? 


Wild animals that show predator behavior are most likely the deadliest animals one could encounter. A study by José María Gómez suggested that primates are most likely to kill inter-species animals. The CDC report’s statistical data indicated that 58 people are killed a year by insects such as bees, wasps, and hornets. Other mammals kill approximately 52 people on average every year. Next on the list comes dogs that kill 28 people per year, then the cow that kills 20 people every year. Other deadliest animal killers include non-venomous arthropods, spiders, bears, alligators, and sharks. 

The data ranks the deadliest animals by the number of kills, but what it lacks is the animals’ strength in killing the prey. For instance, you are more likely to be saved in a bee attack situation than an attack from the bear. Surprisingly, domestic animals such as horses, cows, squirrels, and gazelles are among the top 50 murderous animals. The sub-Saharan insect tsetse flies are vectors that host deadly diseases, and when they bite humans, the disease gets transmitted. 

What Should You Do In A Situation Of Animal Attack? 


Humans are at the top of the food chain, so many tactics up their sleeves to save themselves from animal attacks. Every animal that attacks you has a different defense system that you could use. When a lion attacks you, make sure to hold your stand and retreat slowly backward. Adults can read guides and handbooks to save themselves from animal attacks, but kids or toddlers cannot.  

Cases Of Animal Attacks


At Burlington City in North Carolina, an employee of the Animal Conservation Center was attacked by a wolf. He survived the attack but spent a lot of time in the hospital. Furthermore, another attack occurred a year before this incident, where a lion murdered an intern working at the Animal Conservation Center.

There is this notion that animal attacks usually take place in the wild, but that is no longer true. There are other gruesome cases where a mother had to defend her kid from a lion in the mountains of Colorado. Furthermore, in India, a man had been killed by a bear in the Chaibasa region. Even the cutest animals like dogs can turn violent, as seen in an incident at Aurora, Colorado. The incident occurred as the dog severely bit a five-year-old kid and had to be hospitalized. 


This is not a war against animals but a time for awakening and leading a revolution that brings harmony with animals. Observations from various animal attack cases suggest that significant attacks occurred in zoos and conservation parks where animals are frustrated and are seeking vengeance. When humans try to give back their land, they can restore harmony. Start by taking precautionary measures while traveling in the wilderness.