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6 Body Parts You Might Be Washing Wrong


The skin on our bodies is resident to roughly one and a half trillion microbes. However, not all of the microbes are harmful to us, a few are even vital for our health. This is the reason individuals do not require to wash some of their body parts with soap, plus for others, they should not omit them as they are required to be washed meticulously each day. We understand that it is vital to dedicate suitable attention to some body parts. This is the reason that we have highlighted a few tips on the best way to treat your body parts.


The feet are one of those parts of the body that should be always washed with soap. However, the majority of us overlook this part, believing that they will become clean simply from the water and soap that comes sliding down from the rest of the body. However, in areas such as these, the fungus which leads to the athlete’s foot is very common, specifically, if the individual wears flip flops or sandals often, does not wear socks, or in the event the individual sweats vigorously.

As stated by dermatologists, this is the reason that it is vital to not just wash the feet with soap but to rub and scrub them with a pumice stone each day. The section between the toes ought to be washed thoroughly also, regardless of the type of shoes or socks are worn. In order to avoid germs and bacteria from spreading, individuals require washing their toes with water and soap and drying them afterward with a towel carefully.

Back Of The Neck

This section of the body could often be moist and warm, in particular when the individual has long hair or workouts frequently. Favorable conditions such as these could be tantalizing for the bacteria and body mites. This is the reason that washing the back of the neck each day with soap and then exfoliating with a wet washcloth or with a bath sponge could be critical for the prevention of the spreading of bacteria.


Washing the eyes using soap is definitely not a good idea due to the fact that it could be causing damage to the sclera and cornea of the eyes. However, this is the reason the eyes have the glands that manufacture tears known as the lacrimal glands, which have the responsibility for protecting and cleansing the eyes from debris and other irritants. The safe way to clean the eyelashes and eyelids is by utilizing baby shampoo that is unscented.

Combine a cup of warm water with roughly half a teaspoon of the shampoo and submerge a soft washcloth into the mixture. Tenderly rub the eyelids back and forth with the damp washcloth and then rinse them off with just water afterward.


As stated by dermatologists, the area of the groin should be cleaned thoroughly each day. This section of the body has creases and folds which could be home to bacteria that is harmful to us and could result in ingrown hairs, unpleasant scents, and infections. The groin is one of the most sensitive sections of the body, and the best way to effectively clean this area is by using a washcloth and gentle soap.

Under The Fingernails

Diverse bacteria could take possession of the area found under the fingernails and toenails, and individuals would find it difficult in eliminating all of them by simply washing their hands. According to medical professionals, saturating a cotton swab with soapy, warm water and swabbing it under the fingernails will ultimately remove and debris and bacteria which might be undetectable by the naked eye.

Legs And Arms

Only if they are dirty, should your legs and arms be washed thoroughly each day. The skin found on both of these parts of the body typically does not manufacture a lot of oil, therefore washing them with soap each day will result in the skin becoming lifeless and dry.