Best Animals For Guarding Your Home


For millennia, people have used dogs to guard their houses. But in recent years, other animals have also proven to be better than or on a level with dogs in providing security. Sometimes, people train these animals to become guards, and at other times, they happen to be natural hindrances, especially in the instances of wild animals.

Keeping animals in your home, like birds, goats, rabbits, sheep, horses, cattle, or any other, will attract visitors. Some intruders might be in your home or some prey animals looking for a nibble of your livestock, or larger predators looking for a meal. So, in that case, you want a guard animal to protect your home and you. People always go for a guard dog, but there are a few alternatives you may consider.


People in some countries like South Africa use snakes to guard their businesses and homes against criminals and gangs. Snakes include cobras, brown house snakes, pythons, California kingsnakes, and boa constrictors. Snakes are scary to people, especially the deadly cobra. So releasing a cobra to guard something valuable has been a helpful strategy.


In Thailand, crocodiles are quite effective in protecting homes. And according to some people, they are the ultimate burglar alarm. Typically they are kept near the property entrance. Owners train crocs from a young age and assist them to be territorial. Their aggressive nature is not only a threat to an intruder but also the owners. No intruder would dare to get past such a beast. Alligators can be effective guards, too, if you’re looking to intimidate potential intruders. Interestingly, for drug dealers, alligators seem to be go-to guardians.


Donkeys are an exciting option for ranchers as they don’t require special feeding or care. Guard donkeys can also be assigned with sheep to protect them from harm. They can be turned out with the goats and sheep to graze the same fields. These territorial animals will stand up to a coyote that comes creeping around the herd and is likely to fend off the threat.

A donkey will loudly bray when threatened and launch aggressive attacks with its hooves and teeth toward the enemy. A charging guard donkey is very dangerous and, in that case, to anyone. It needs to calm before initiating an approach.

Besides your home, donkeys are an excellent option for guarding livestock like sheep and goats because they have very related care requirements. They will fiercely protect the pack, using kicks and bites with their large teeth. They can also function as herd animals, making them useful in various ways.

Llamas and Alpacas

They might not look tough for the guard animals, but llamas and alpacas are pretty tough, especially compared with the sheep they are assigned to protect. Their fighting instincts and territorial nature are significant restraints for predators. Its tough, fearless, and stubborn nature, llamas and alpacas have become an increasingly popular option for ranches in the western USA.

Some people will bond with llamas better than they do with dogs. Llamas may become so attached to the people and their livestock that they will display aggressive behavior toward their owners’ pets or families. So, farmers will need to separate the llama from the herd before doing anything to the pack.

They can chase off smaller predators like coyotes, foxes, and weasels with ease. When threatened, llamas emit a loud alarm sound, kick, spitting, scream, and often run toward an intruder, protecting the herd.


Geese have better sight than humans, and that allows them to pick out strange movements. They are territorial animals and will make loud noises to frighten off invaders or intruders that venture into their area. While they won’t fight off larger-size attackers, they can certainly scare off the intruders and have a highly effective warning system with their loud vocals.

They are alert and can detect unwanted visitors quickly with their excellent eyesight. They loudly honk when they sense something suspicious, and you will hear it even in your locked home. Geese are also particularly territorial. Their first instinct is to confront rather than run, as they will bite in defense.


If you annoy an ostrich, you better be prepared for the consequences. Their intimidation part makes them practical guard animals, whether watching over livestock or patrolling the property.

Ostriches can be 6 to 9 feet in height, weigh between 200 to 300 pounds, and run more than 40 miles per hour. They can kick and are willing to fight to defend themselves. The ostrich’s long and powerful legs and sharp claws can be dangerous weapons.


Unusual, but parrots can make the best security alarm. Parrots can be excellent guard pets as they can learn how to talk and bark. When threatened, they can be aggressively protective of their owners. There are many cases worldwide about how parrots can alarm their owners and save the day from intruders.

Guinea Fowl

Besides giving you meat and eggs, the guinea fowl do not like any strangers. They are fearless birds and will take on dogs, cats, people, and even snakes. They circle their prey as a pack and attack.

Guinea fowl make great home guards as well as livestock guards. They are boisterous birds and create excellent alarm systems. People with guinea fowl say that these birds can recognize familiar faces, alert strangers, and are incredibly brave. They are not scared of standing up against dogs, cats, or even people. One very excellent quality of guinea fowl is that they will even stand up to snakes. They are also perfect birds for eating insects and pest control around the garden. Also, they are boisterous birds. They can drive you crazy quickly unless you can tune it out.


Cats can be just as protective of humans as dogs. Just like dogs, cats can build close bonds and become protective of their owners. Though cats may not seem that way, they can be an ideal guard animal for your home. With their suspicious nature, paws, and teeth, they can quickly attack any intruders roaming here and there.

Guard Dogs

At last, let’s talk about some dogs; as you go for dogs to guard your home, but which breed is best? There are many breeds of dogs suitable to deter attackers and protect your home. The most popular ones are the German shepherd, Doberman, rottweiler, mastiff, and pitbull. These dogs are all a threatening presence for or intruders. These are the breeds that people have as protection or for walking around their grounds.

Final Words

Although some animals from the above list are kept in pen during the day, they are left to wander the property to guard and scare off any intruders at night. Look into some more of these animals to guard your home or livestock. They are all great options but make sure to do your research and adequately take care of the animals.