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Amazing Outdoor Bar Ideas


Your outdoor space can often be an extension of your home, whether you go to relax on the weekends or gather friends to have a party. No matter how you use the space, one great way to make it even better is by adding an outdoor bar. The perfect outdoor bar is both stylish and functional. It can be as simple as an old-fashioned picnic table with some rocks for stools, or it could be something more elaborate like a tiki hut. Whatever your taste, there are many ways to make the most of your outdoor space with a fun bar. Here are some fantastic ideas!

Tiki Hut


If you want a jungle-themed outdoor space, one great idea for your bar is to create a tiki hut. A tiki hut is a small thatched-roof building used in Polynesian cultures as a place of worship or otherwise to serve food and drink. This kind of shelter makes the perfect outdoor bar for several reasons. A tiki hut is an aesthetically pleasing way to add character and style to your space while providing yourself with a shaded area that can be used for people watching or just hanging out. You will need palm leaves, bamboo poles, and plywood sheets for the exterior. To make it authentic, you might want to add some Tiki carvings or imagery as well.

Barnyard Bar


Are you a big fan of the rustic country look? If so, your perfect outdoor bar could be a barnyard-style bar. A barnyard bar typically looks like an old-fashioned metal trough loaded with ice and bottles of beer or soda. This type of bar can help take your outdoor space to another level since it adds an element of luxury and a rustic look that is perfect for any outdoor space. One of the best ways to make your barnyard-style bar is by taking an old metal trough and giving it a new purpose at your home. This will help you avoid additional costs and bring some character to your backyard.

Picnic-Style Bar


A more simplistic option for your outdoor bar is taking an old picnic table and creating a makeshift bar. You can color the tabletop with spray paint or make one yourself by buying plywood, screws, nails, and some sealant. The advantage of this type of bar over others is that it is simple, and you can customize it according to your needs. For example, you could add several cup holders or a beverage station by simply attaching a small cabinet underneath the tabletop. This outdoor bar style is ideal for anyone who prefers to keep their entertaining space as unstressful as possible.

Bamboo Bar


Bamboo bars are perfect for those who love the tropical look and want their outdoor space to feel like an island getaway. One way to create an exotic-looking bar is by building or buying one made entirely of bamboo. If you make your own, you can choose the size and shape of the bar, which gives you more freedom. However, you should note that building this type of bar will be more costly than other options. If you are looking for an easier way to create the bamboo look without spending too much money, investing in some bamboo plants can help bring your tropical theme to life quickly and easily.

Basic Bar Cart


If you are more of a minimalist when it comes to your taste, then you might want to consider making a bar cart instead of an outdoor bar. A basic bar cart is a perfect way to bring sophistication into your backyard without creating too much clutter or adding extra structures. There are many affordable options available on sites like Amazon, but if you want to take the built-in bar cart look, you can do so by adding a small cabinet below the tabletop. This is an excellent idea for anyone who prefers their outdoor space to be simple, sophisticated, and even slightly elegant.

Outside Murphy Bar


Another excellent idea for your outdoor bar is the Murphy bar. A Murphy bar is a type of cabinet that folds down from the wall to reveal all of your drinks and glassware. This option is perfect for anyone who likes to keep their entertaining spaces organized while not taking up too much room in their backyard. The best part about this type of outdoor bar is that it will allow you to keep your glassware and drinks out of sight when not in use. All you need is a wall with some added support, such as an exterior house beam or an uncluttered flat surface.

Stone Bar


Another option with a very rustic look is to build your bar out of stone. Stone bars are perfect for anyone who loves the natural look and feel of rocks or stones. You can also make these types of bars by using large, flat pieces of slate or tile in place of actual stone. If you choose to use natural rock for your bar, you will need to make sure that it is stable enough to support your weight. This idea can be quite extensive, so you will probably want to hire a professional for this project.


Outdoor bars can do wonders for your outdoor space! No matter what style or type of outdoor bar you decide to build for your home, one thing is sure: each one of these ideas is unique and will help give your entertaining space a more personalized feel. Once you have chosen the option that works best with your tastes and preferences, all that remains is to start building. Contact your local expert today if you would like to learn more about bar-building tips.