8 Toxic Wild Plants That Look Like Food

There are some wonderful wild edible plants scattered across this continent. Pick up a foraging book or take an edible plant class and you’re in for a surprise. You’ll start to see these edible plants everywhere. And then, as you dig a little deeper, brace yourself for another surprise. Hunger can make anything start to look like food. And when the nasty wild plants look appetizing, getting caught in the wild without food becomes an even more dangerous scenario.

1. Rhododendron

One Native American name for this ubiquitous shrubbery translates into English as “suicide bush”. Rhododendron is a typical under story shrub through much of the eastern United States. The shiny green leaves look like bay leaves, which could be a dangerous substitution to spice up your emergency stew. Although the leaves of this shrub would be deadly, if brewed into a strong tea, it’s unlikely that anyone would consume these foul smelling leaves by accident.

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