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7 Winter Boots That Definitely Suit The Season


There are four main factors you’ll want to consider when investing in a pair of winter boots: warmth, waterproofness, traction and activity level: Warmth: How much and what type of insulation the boots have. Waterproofness: How efficiently the boots block moisture. Traction: How much grip the boots lend on slick surfaces. Activity Level: What you plan to use the boots for. These four factors work in concert with each other—strike the right balance and you’re almost certain to keep your toes toasty on your next winter adventure.

1. Sorel Caribou Boots

These classic pac boots come equipped with 9mm felt liners made for teeth-chattering temps as low as minus 40 degrees. At the end of the day, you can remove the boots’ liners and let them warm by the fire. These boots are great for getting out in the really cold weather or just slipping on quickly on a snowy day.

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