7 Tips To Keep The Extremities Warm During Winter


There is no need to worry if you are a person that is always rubbing their hands together for ignite some warmth or realized that the feet are even colder that the rest of the entire body.

The cause of the hands and feet becoming cold during the winter is due to the fact that the body makes it a priority to keep the important organs such as the lungs and heart warm, resulting in a decrease of flow of blood to the extremities, namely the hands and feet. If after completing the tips below and nothing has changed, then it might be worse than just being cold, there is the probability that the person may have Raynaud’s disease, which is an exaggerated cold reaction which impacts roughly five percent of the population of the United States.

The condition impacts the arteries resulting in fingers and or toes turning white and potentially then blue due to the constricting of the vessels. There might also be a burning, tingling or throbbing sensation being experienced. Typically, altering of the lifestyle and being aware of the condition could assist the individual in managing the issue, however, in many situations, the individual could take medicines or even under surgery in order to resolve the problem.

The extremities being cold could be a sign of even more severe health issues as well, such as peripheral artery disease, scleroderma and lupus. It could also be an issue with the thyroids.

Eat Foods That Are Healthy For The Heart

One of the ways to warm up the hands and feet is to enhance the circulation, and consuming foods for heart health is the key to it all. Attempt incorporating heart healthy foods such as fatty fish, olive oil, nuts and vegetables and fruits into the diet. These types of foods will work miracles for the circulation, which is vital for efficient flow of blood and regulation of temperature. Foods which boost circulation include Brussels sprouts, dark chocolate, bananas and salmon. If an individual follows the Mediterranean diet, they would be receiving more than the adequate amounts of heart healthy foods.

Sleep With Socks On

Although going to the bedroom with socks on might be the sexiest thing someone could do to get hot under the sheets, this practice could still assist in heating up the body. Regardless of how healthy a person is, they will still need help during the winter months staying warm at night and placing socks on the feet could do the trick.

Wear The Correct Kinds Of Gloves

Fight hard to purchase those inexpensive gloves from the dollar store, or even those fashionable pair that places style before functionality, and select a pair of gloves that is really going to keep those hands warm. Liners are perfect for begin used each day due to the fact that they are by no means bulky and will still provide the individual with some form of flexibility. Gloves such as the Black Diamond Heavyweight Wooltech Glove is warm and the wool truly assists in the regulating of the temperature, plus the leather palm ensures that persons could still grip those important things.

Consider Warming Gadgets

When indoors, a space heater could be cranked up or persons simply sit in front of a nice calming fire. However, when on the go, in the outdoors, technology could be very impactful at ensuring that every part of the body stays warm. The Serius Heat Touch Inferno glove is considered one of the favorites, plus it is available with its own rechargeable batteries. In order to get warmer toes, utilize the Lenz 4.0 Heat Socks and rcB 1200 Lithium packs, which is available with a USB charged lithium battery.

Spice Things Up

Apply some heat to your winter days, by adding some vigor to the meals and drinks while adding some warmth to the body at the same time. Specific spices are known for their capabilities in increasing the temperature of the body.

Sip On Hot Liquids

It is recommended that during the day time hours, it cannot be any worse if you sip on warm beverages such as tea, due to the fact that it could assist in supplying prolonged surges in the temperature of the body and would be distributing the heat in a more even fashion. Something as simple as placing a warm mug in the hands could assist the fingers in keeping warm, in particular when you are outdoors, such as at a sporting event.


Everyone understands the concept of entering a gym and feeling really cold or chilly, through your tank top or shirt, and then when you are finished leaving hot and sweaty. Experts explain that whether it includes heading to the gym where your membership is or simply getting in some basic exercise or movement in the daily routine, allows the blood to flow, which then results in a boost in the temperature of the body.