7 Surprisingly Good Ways The Beach Affects Your Body

Many of us overlook the health benefits of a little bit of sunshine. If you’re already planning a trip to the beach, this list will help you make up your mind.

1. Stress Relief

We all know the sights and sounds of the beach work together to relieve stress. But what’s going on in your body physiologically is amazing. When you go to the beach, you get a release of serotonin, which is a hormone that makes you feel happy.


2. Fight Off Infection

Maybe you’ve heard the myth that salt water can help heal a cut or infection. But this actually a fact. Even the medical community advises treating minor skin infections with salt water soaks or compresses. Both antibacterial and antifungal, salt water helps with thyroid gland health, too.


3. Daily Dose Of Vitamin D

Hopefully, if you take a trip to the beach, you’ll experience sunny days in the sand — and quickly get your daily dose of vitamin D. This vitamin is an essential one. And amazingly, our body creates it from exposure to direct sunlight (UVB rays). You don’t have to get a tan or a burn to get vitamin D. It only takes about half the time it takes to burn to get the needed amount.


4. Skin Health

Now before you take this as a license to bake your skin, slather on SPF or use an umbrella. Thankfully, there are other ways the beach is good for your skin. First of all, sand is a fantastic exfoliant for your feet! Being in the sun opens your pores, too. When you follow that with a plunge in the salt water, it can clear out acne-causing bacteria.


5. Better Sleep

You don’t have to play with the intensity of a child to get the positive sleep effects of the beach. Just a walk on the beach is hard work because of the stability it takes to walk on sand. And when your body is tired, you sleep better. Plus, less stress helps with a better night’s sleep, too.


6. Breathe More Easily

It’s no wonder many people retire to beach communities. But one reason why, knowingly or unknowingly, is the beach’s air quality. People with asthma, COPD, and other breathing issues thrive here. The Lung Institute reports that people with chronic lung conditions had clearer lungs after breathing the salt air at the beach for nearly a year.


7. Regulate Your Body With Iodine

We know iodine is essential to our bodies because it’s added to our salt. Our bodies need iodine to create thyroid hormones, which control our metabolism and many other vital body functions. And your skin absorbs the iodine present in the ocean when you take a swim in the water.

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