5 Best Outdoor Furniture Covers

Protect your furniture from the elements with versatile furniture covers that are dependable and come at a low cost. They will keep snow from melting into your furniture, 100 percent waterproof, will prevent sun damage and withstand cracking in cold weather. These covers are strong, but not stiff, and are easy to take on and off.

1. Christopher Knight Home Shield Outdoor Waterproof Fabric Chat Set Patio Cover.

If you want a great versatile furniture cover for all of the elements, consider the Christopher Knight Home Shield Outdoor Waterproof Fabric Cover. This polyester cover measures 28” x 65” x 86” and it’s perfect for nearly any table and chair set. It comes in either gray or brown and fits securely over your furniture while protecting it from rain, snow, and wind. The simple slip-over design makes it easy to take on and off, while the weight of the cover keeps it in place even when the wind hits. For even more protection, the company makes covers for lounge chairs and sofas as well.


2. ULTCOVER 600D PVC Durable Furniture Table Cover.

If you want dependable protection against the elements at a low cost, the ULTCOVER 600D PVC Durable Furniture Table Cover is a great choice. It comes in six sizes, so you can ensure a perfect fit around your table and chairs, and is made from a polyester canvas material that protects against UV rays, water, dust, snow and more. It’s 100% waterproof, but a breathable seam prevents mold and mildew from forming on cushions.


3. Classic Accessories Veranda Medium Outdoor Loveseat Cover.

Winter is not your furniture’s best friend, so it’s important to find the right cover to protect your outdoor pieces from snow and sleet. The Classic Accessories Cover features a water-resistant undercoating that will keep snow from melting into your furniture, even during a storm. The loveseat cover comes in medium, large and x-large sizes, but the company has an entire line specifically made for each outdoor item so you can find the perfect fit. The cover also features vents to allow for air flow, and hem cord and click-cord straps ensure a tight, secure fit.


4. Elegant 109 Inches Rectangle Patio Table with Chairs Cover.

Protect your patio table and chairs with this waterproof cover from Home Depot, which is tailor-made to withstand moderate and harsh weather conditions. Its high-strength polyester construction protects against dust, dirt, sun, rain, and snow, and is 100% waterproof. The seams of the cover are also sealed during the manufacturing process, preventing water from leaking in by accident, and a set of straps help secure it to your furniture for a snug fit.


5. Duck Covers Soteria Rainproof 127″ Long Rectangular/Oval Patio Table With Chairs Cover.

Rain and dirt aren’t the only things that can damage your patio furniture. Prolonged sun exposure can cause the fabric to break down and weaken wood, wicker, and plastic, so you’ll want to keep your furniture covered when it’s not in use to maximize its lifespan. The Duck Covers Soteria Patio Table with Chairs Cover is UV protected to prevent sun damage, and can be purchased in sizes ranging from 96 to 140 inches in length. It’s also water-resistant and includes air vents to prevent condensation or lofting during high winds.

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