4 Most Important Things You Need To Survive In The Wild

If you want to know how to survive in the woods or wilderness, then the first thing you need to know is this: always be prepared. You don’t want to be caught without supplies. Unless you are injured or sick, there are just 4 things that you need in order to survive in the wild.

1. Find Water.

The first thing you need to survive in the wild is water. You can only go 3 days without water before dying, but you’ll be extremely dehydrated long before those 3 days are up. Use these tactics to get water, Collect Dew: Take your shirt off and press it onto the ground to collect dew. Drag a Piece of Cloth Behind You: There is a lot of water in the woods on plants. Follow Ants: If you see a train of ants going up a tree, it is probably because there is a cache of water in a groove in the tree. Dig for Water: If you dig, do so at places like dried-up streams and areas with a lot of lush foliage.

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