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2022 Winter Item Must Haves

Short days and frigid temperatures don’t exactly create an environment of paradise in fall and winter months for anybody who doesn’t appreciate the cold. But, if you’re expecting to be locked inside — or worse, shoveling outside — you’ll want to be prepared with the necessary things to make such days tolerable, if not pleasurable. Here are several 2021 fall/winter item must-haves that you should certainly buy to fight the snow and ice and stay warm and comfy.

The Best-Selling Snow Shovel

Snowy days are great fun until the thought of having to shovel all that snow in the driveway hits you. You usually have to pay for the following day with backaches and aching muscles. Our experts suggest this strong snow shovel helps people shovel intelligently. It has metal blades that scoop snow up more effectively. The ergonomic shape protects your back and saves you from becoming fatigued.

A Weighted Blanket That We Love

Weighted blankets can be much better than old fluffy blankets, particularly in the cold. The Gravity blanket is one of our favorites because it delivers exactly the kind of pressure you’re looking for, without becoming too heavy. It is quite snug and wonderful to wrap up beneath.
Pro tip: You may want to get one as soon as possible — weighted blankets are among the most popular presents for 2021! Get one for your loved one for Christmas!

 Space Heater, Which Can Heat Even the Coldest of Rooms

In the winter, a space heater may be a game-changer — the trick is to choose one that is both safe and efficient. This particular model is definitely one of our favorites among the ones we tested.  It features an automated power-off function as well as overheat protection. The best part about this heater is that it can heat up a cold room in under an hour.
Gloves That You Don’t Need to Take Off to Use Your Phone
You’re on your way to work and need to answer an important message, but exposing your fingertips to the bitter cold doesn’t seem like a good idea. You don’t want frost-bitten fingers, do you? Now, you won’t have to shiver in the cold with numb fingertips with these touchscreen-friendly gloves. These gloves contain rubber grips at the tips of the thumb and index fingers so that you can type without taking them off or fretting about your gadget sliding out of your grasp. These gloves have also been praised for being quite warm and comfy.


A top-quality coat for the winters is not something you want to skimp on. Getting one from a high-end company like Canada Goose will ensure that your parka is well worth the money. Customers like how cozy the jackets (which are filled with goose feathers) are and how well they can endure even the worst weather. You can rest assured that the Canadians definitely know how to make clothing to protect one from the cold!

Smart Coffee Cup Is All You Need

Yes, there is such a thing as a smart coffee cup, and yes, it is well worth purchasing. We put the famous Ember mug up for testing and were ecstatic to find out that it really works. You can use your phone to regulate the temperature of the cup and will never have to sip tepid coffee (or even tea) ever again. The 2022 fall/winter item must-haves can make your life easier during the colder months. They are all practical items that will last you for a long time.