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10 Fleece Jackets That Were Made To Keep You Cozy


When the forecast predicts chilly weather, it is vital to have a couple of pieces in your wardrobe that will ensure that you can remain warm and nice while taking care of some errands, exercise, or simply remain at home cozy and snug. Even though sweatshirts and joggers are the staples of cold-weather apparel, there is another attire that can provide much more flexibility; we mean fleece. Fleece instantaneously supplies extra insulation as it relates to layering them under jackets, and when accompanied with a suitable base layer, the fleece could assist in retaining the heat from your body as you venture outdoors on a cold winter hike, walk, or jog. Notwithstanding, the ultra-soft material likewise makes the fleece a comfy choice to wear although you are just going to hang it at home. Considering a nice comfy layer to wear during the chilling winter into early spring, look at these options below:

Essentials Women’s Classic-Fit Fleece Jacket By Amazon

With twenty-four colors to choose from including a couple of patterns, a below-average price point, and over nine thousand, five-star ratings, this Amazon Essential selection is an excellent crowd-pleaser. Even though it has a low price point, reviews have highlighted that this fleece is still of high quality and the material it is made of is warm and soft.

Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

This Columbia fleece jacket is a definite classic, making it one of the best-sellers as a top-rated jacket with over sixteen thousand, five-star reviews. There are thirty-four colors available to the market and the fleece jacket is manufactured using one hundred percent fleece, which buyers indicate is very soft and cuddly. A more secure fit is available with the bottom drawstring, which is ideal for those windy days. This fleece is even preferred over pricier brands. The Columbia Fleece Jacket is known to be cut longer in the sleeves, which is ideal for those taller women.

Thread & Supply Wubby Zip Jacket

Even though a good fleece jacket could cost anywhere around $100.00, the ability to remain nice and warm should not result in breaking the bank or offsetting your budget. This fleece jacket from Thread & Supply, for example: has a resale tag of less than $25.00, is available in four adaptable colors and most importantly they have pockets. This fleece is cozy and fits well, it also has ridged cuffs at the bottom of the sleeves that protect against the wind.

Zesica Women’s Sherpa Jacket

Maybe you might prefer a jacket that is ultra-plush, if so, this extra-soft fleece from Zesica with a pullover is the one for you. This zip-up Sherpa style is available in a range of six soft colors, from khaki to light apricot, and has reviews giving it over one thousand, two hundred, five-star ratings. The jacket also features a brushed fleece interior, which feels like heaven.

The North Face Women’s Osito Full Zip Fleece Jacket

This brand is known for the ultra-soft fleece jackets and it stands out for it. It has a smooth, silky like feel due to the high pile material that is used to make it, all the while making the jacket extremely warm to wear. It is great to wear on walks during the chilly winter mornings. Twenty-two colors are available including classics such as white and black, and also some fun hues such as golden spice, which is a marigold yellow, and a taupe green. The pockets are deep and you do not feel overheated when the jacket begins to function as it should.

Patagonia Re-Tool Snap-T Fleece Pullover

This brand unsurprisingly jumps to the front of your mind whenever you think about fleece jackets, this is due to the classic designs and the fact that they are manufactured using the best quality materials possible. The Patagonia jacket features a high pile fleece with a very silky touch that is quite soft, plus the kangaroo style pocket makes it ultra-cozy. Although it might feel like you are wearing a blanket, it is quite sleek, and the fitted silhouette allows the wearer to feel dressed up.

Athleta Cloud Fleece

A form-fitting fleece jacket is a must when you are walking, running, and hiking outdoors in almost freezing temperatures. The Athleta’s Cloud Fleece is intended to assist in the retaining of the heat from your body and the thumbholes and high neck have you protected even when outside is windy. The jacket has a snug fit but still permits easy movement.

Columbia Women’s Fire Side II Sherpa Full Zip

You should not be caught off guard if this jacket invites the attention of persons around you, with its extra plush, high pile fleece. It provides the wearer with warmth and great resistance to the wind chill.

Cozy Sherpa Zip-Front Jacket

If your plan is to wear your fleece jacket as a single layer sandwiched between your coat and your shirt, then you will need to select a fleece that provides you with the warmth deprived of feeling too weighty. This is one of the reasons so many people love this jacket from Old Navy. This will not break the bank and is available in five colors, the jacket also has a thumbhole feature, so that the sleeves can be blocked from bunching up. The jacket fits true to size with a bit of room for comfortability, however, it is not baggy.

Girlfriend Collective Full-Zip Jacket

Similar to the Girlfriend Collective’s prevalent leggings, this fleece jacket that is full zip is manufactured using water bottles that have been recycled, fifty-nine bottles to be precise. Three colors are available in this brand of fleece (cream, charcoal, and a green-blue), The fit is also long to maximize coziness. The pockets also have zippers which is always a plus.