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Why Wearing Shoes With Arch Support Is Important


You may have heard of arch supports, but are you aware of what these actually are? This article brings you everything about arch supports and why they are essential for proper foot support. 

What Do We Mean By Arch Supports?

These are supports that you insert in your shoes, and they act as the arch of the foot support. Arch supports also help you diminish or eliminate foot pain that occurs because of several foot problems. Your body health also enhances because of the arch of your foot support.

What Is The Importance Of Arch Supports?

Many people experience foot problems and the foot pain that results. At one point or another in our lives, we face heel pain, which is why foot care is vital. You can easily support your arch using arch supports.  Arch supports are specially designed for your foot and ankle pain. It is fantastic for the people who find it hard to walk and stand because of foot pain. The extra cushioning because of these arch supports makes walking, running, etc., more comfortable. 

The pressure is distributed across your arches to provide balance and stability. They give you proper foot support and reduce foot and heel pain. In the next section, we shall be presenting more about the benefits of arch supports. So, keep reading this article to know about the types of arch supports, the benefits of arch supports, and where you can buy the best arch support for pain relief. 

How Are Arch Supports Helpful?

If someone is suffering from persistent pain or chronic foot conditions, arch supports are great for providing foot support, assisting in recovery, and alleviating the symptoms. Here are some of the essential and helpful benefits of arch support. 

  • Your arches do not get harmed when you use arch supports. They assist in relieving the pain of your foot and ankle. These also support your arch by preventing them from falling. The plantar fasciitis can be stretched out due to the collapse and results in painful conditions. 
  • Provide balance and stability to your foot and nearby parts. They are great for improving your foot area’s balance and posture, reducing heel pain and foot ache issues. You can eliminate any problem related to a lack of support and imbalance by using arch supports. 
  • The pressure of your body distributes evenly on your foot through the help of the arch supports. It aligns your body and reduces the chances of foot pain. If there’s an issue already, it helps in pain relief. 
  • Arch supports help prevent or lessen the pain in your foot. You can become uncomfortable because of the pain, and it can be difficult for you to go around and handle essential jobs. However, there are cases where pain relief is not provided fully through the arch supports. It may still be possible to have foot and heel pain.  
  • Sometimes, your foot ailments want you to use artificial supports. It is essential to prevent further damage and alleviate pain. It can be very beneficial for people who have foot problems like plantar fasciitis. 

Varied Arch Types

The walking pattern and arch of every person are slightly varied. Some of the common types of arches are:

  • Low Arches: These arches are such that they rest on the ground and are very low. Overpronation is one issue that happens as a result of low arches. 
  • High Arches: People who walk primarily on the pad of their heels and feet have high arches. Their arch is so high that a common issue among them is underpronation. 
  • Flat Feet: If you have flat feet, the arch will be very little (sometimes absent), which leads to spinal misalignment, extensive overpronation, poor posture, back pain, and heel spurs with an aching foot. 

What Kind Of Arch Type Do You Have?

Do you wonder what type of arches you have? There’s an easy way to find the arch type. It would be best to do a simple exercise by wetting your feet and walking on a dry surface like a sidewalk or a deck. The balls of the feet and heels of those who have high arches will appear on the surface. 

A thin strip will be connecting those two. On the other hand, those with low arches will display their entire footprint. The large strip in their case will connect the heels to the balls of the feet. 

Types Of Arch Supports

Lucky Feet Shoe Insoles

These insoles give complete comfort to your feet and support your arches throughout the day. The stability increases and the pressure distributes evenly. You need to choose the right type of shoe insoles. Excessive motion is reduced, and these also help in pain relief during a sports injury by providing foot support. These orthotics are made of silicone and help relieve your feet, back, and hips’ stress. 

Aetrex Lynco’s Arch Supports 

These are some of the best custom orthotics and provide outstanding arch support to your feet. The extra cushioning provides body alignment and balance. These will also reduce the stress on the plantar fascia. You will find removable gel plugs to change the pressure points. The memory foam is fantastic in these models, and they fit in many types of shoes like running shoes. 


In a nutshell, the right type of arch supports should give proper support to the arch of your foot. Find out if you have a low arch, high arch, or flat feet, choose the correct arch to prevent any further pain, and get relief from a foot problem or sports injury.