What To Do In A Riptide


What To Do If You Get Caught In A Riptide

Summer is the best time of the year to plan a vacation, kick back, relax, and enjoy quality time. Most people prefer spending this time of the year on the beach, grabbing a pair of shades and sunblock. It’s relaxing to spend time soaking in the sun and relaxing. But it is not only a matter of fun but also of some awareness. It is essential to know about the dangers that surf and the sun can cause. It is vital to enjoying your vacations under the sun on the beach without any threat. One of the most significant risks of the ocean is riptides that arise unexpectedly. And this dangerous hazard is responsible for taking approximately more than 45 lives every year. Unlike the name, riptides are not tides; they are currents. 

A riptide is a robust and offshore current that arises by the tide pulling water. It can quickly pull any object away from shore and out to sea. They are dangerous as they are not easy to identify. They come unexpectedly, and you might find it very difficult to reach back to shore. So it is very much essential to know about riptides and how to save yourself in such situations. Here, let us see what you must do if you get caught in a riptide.

Don’t Panic And Stay Calm

The essential point to remember is that you must stay calm if you get stuck in a riptide. Try not to get panic and try to breathe normally and deeply. And if you panic, you might get exhausted because of picking up or living and can also result in inhalation of water. So whatever the situation is, try to relax and face it with courage. 

Don’t Try To Swim Against It

You must not fight the flow of water. As you know, the water currents are more vigorous and more extensive than you, so if you try to swim against it then surely you will get exhausted soon. It is better not to try fighting against the water currents. 

Keep Your Feet Firm To The Ground

If you get caught in a riptide, make sure that your feet are attached firmly to the ground. This connection with the ground will help you to keep the balance of the body. Even if your feet get swept away by waves, try the best to connect back again to the ground. Thus the waves will not be easily able to take you away.

Swim To The Shore

Try to swim along the shore. And the best way to swim safely is to swim parallel to the water currents. But don’t try to reach shore if the current is coming from the shore as it won’t be easy to struggle straight against the current. It is better to swim in the direction of the water flow continuously.

Raise Your Arm And Shout For Help

Riptides can easily conquer strong swimmers also. Therefore it is essential to call attention to yourself as soon as you feel caught in a riptide. Rather than only screaming, it is better to raise your hand and wave for help. This gesture might draw the attention of guards, and you might get help to get rescued.


Riptides are strong currents that can draw you out of the sea. These are unexpected waves, which are dangerous if not taken aware. Its speed is almost equal to an Olympic swimmer. Sometimes it isn’t easy to spot a riptide. So while surfing, you must be mindful of the changes in the water currents. And if you get caught in a riptide, don’t panic and try to relax and swim along the waves with regular breathing. A conscious mind and calmness will help you to survive a riptide.