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The Worst Tattoos Females Regret Getting


A vast number of individuals have tattoos, from teenagers to those adults that might be considered on the other side of the hill. The designs are multifaceted, ranging from hilarious to highly developed, with sizes between minuscule to massive. Both males and females equally take pleasure in inking their skin, whether it is as a matter of expression or a flair for the artistic.

On the other hand, a single night without little thinking could result in an unanticipated tattoo, in addition to the hangover. As you would expect, there are some that end up regretting the tattoo their got, opportunely not recognizing that it is a permanent ink that is being used as they were in the chair being inked. Of course, there are laser treatments that could remove them, however, the procedure is very expensive and excruciating, and therefore many individuals do not even consider the idea and learn to live with their tattoos.

A Wig Might Help

The female featured in this image is definitely not in the cookie-cutter family, as is made quite clear by the choice she made in getting her skull and forehead tattooed. She appears very contented with this unorthodox decision, however, these tattoos might not always be as hip as she might think they are. Her hair might be able to cover them up once she makes the decision to grow it out, however, the thought that ink could be oozing into her head, is something that will constantly be on her mind.

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The Golden Palace has to the favorite place to visit for this female. Or they paid her some serious cash in order to have the website address of the Golden Palace tattooed on her forehead. There are definitely other methods of money-making that are not that long term, however, it is possible that she believed the fifteen minutes of fame would be worth this lifelong decision.

Branded On Forehead

She is smiling, however, this could be that she temporarily in the heat of the moment forgot that she had a tattoo branded on her forehead. The others tattoos that she has are not that good either, however, those ones are not full in your face, well her face, like this one. It could be that she has a really good reason for such as tattoo, whatever it is it was not worth it.

Turn The Other Cheek

This inked portrait is a massive mistake on most levels. The initial issue is how badly it was done, next is that when a person makes a decision to tattoo their cheek, they should be made to complete a psychological evaluation prior to the tattoo artist taking their money and starting such. This commitment here is major and a bad one to boot. Whoever this guy is, must be important for her to permanently place him on her cheek, however, she could have found another way of praising him that does not involve being tattooed.

Blood Or Tattoo Ink

The female’s tattoo entitled Thicker Than Water is perhaps a shout-out to her family and the bond they have, however, she might regret placing it on her neck in the future. If for some reason she has a falling out with her family, or maybe she wants to wear a low-cut dress to a special occasion and does not want the tattoo to be displayed. Typically there are several reasons that persons end up regretting being inked and this female might one day have to confront them. The additional spider tattoo located by her hairline won’t help either.

Well It Must Be Halloween

It is always considered lots of fun to get all dressed up for Halloween, however, at the end of the night of fun, the masks are taken off. That isn’t the case for this female. She intends to haunt all those around her 24/7, 365 days a year, for the remainder of her life. This choice of tattoo is definitely a questionable one, making anyone seeing it wonder what thoughts travel through her mind as she made that design choice.

A Fan For Life

There are millions of fans across the entire world that love Drake. They pay for his albums, constantly download his music and attend his concerts. It is apparent that for this female, that was not enough to be considered a fan. She made the decision that she must make a statement that displayed her devotion to the artist, by having his name inked on her forehead. She could definitely say that she is his number one fan, even if she gets the opportunity to meet him or not.

Lip Liner For A Lifetime

There are those females that really want to save time during their morning dressing routine, therefore some head to the tattoo parlor and get some permanent makeup. Apparently one of those options is lifetime lip liner. If the procedure is completed properly and efficiently, the end result is spectacular, however, in this case, the female ended up with a look that is far from fabulous. We pray that she did not take the option for everlasting eyeliner as well.

Lip Service

Tattoos on the lips do not always show, however, for those individuals who decide to get them, they will flip their lip as the mood hits them. This is a very weird concept for most, and the pain must be agonizing. This seems like an idea that the younger generation would use so as to hide being inked by their parents. For the older adults that still get them, they must believe that the trend is way too good to miss out on.

Tattoo Parlor Sale

The tattoo parlor that she visited must have had an ink sale or something, and ran out of ink after she walked out. This lady is covered from forehead to big toe, and there is minimum space left for any new art. Leaves us to wonder what she would do once her canvas has no more space for her art.