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Strangest-Looking Beaches In The World


Do not think about the scenes that you are accustomed to seeing in the movies, so put the yellow, pale sand that the blue, clear sea crashes up against. There are much weirder and wonderful beaches out there. Like most things, beaches all over the planet appear in all different colors, sizes, and shapes. Take a look at these bizarre-looking beaches that are still beautiful.

Glass Beach, California

One man’s garbage is Mother Nature’s gem and this is evident at Glass Beach located in the State Park of MacKerricher. For decades, residents of Fort Bragg used this beach and two others in close proximity as rubbish dumps, getting rid of everything and anything from used appliances and empty bottles to whole vehicles. Efforts to clean up the beaches were organized subsequent to the closure of the site in 1967; however, significant shards of glass remained. The tides of the sea are responsible for turning this eyesore into a masterful work of art; as time elapsed; the flow and outgoing tide of the Pacific Ocean slammed against the beach and round the glass remains, creating the beautiful sea of glass that blankets the beach currently. Tourists or visitors to the beach are welcomed to search for colorful remnants, however, they are requested not to remove any of them from the beach.

Xi Beach, Greece

On this beach, it appears as if a talented graphic designer Photoshopped the sea and lounge chairs onto the outback in Australia, but this is the scene at Xi Beach. This orange, reddish sand is infamous all across the country and considered a magnet for tourists in Kefalonia, which is the biggest Ionian Island. What is even better is that the clay, white cliffs that enclose the shoreline create a vivid contrast to the extraordinary colored sand, making Xi Beach one of the most photographed beach lines on the globe.

Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

What you are seeing here is not freshly cut grass that is skirting the Papakolea Beach, it is actually sand that is green. The moss-colored sand on the shore receives the color from the hue that emanates from the mineral known as olivine, which is very prevalent in the molten rock that is located close by the Mauna Lao volcano. The beach is not accessible via car; however, there is a semi-moderate five-mile hike round trip that will get you there. Papakolea Beach is found just a stone’s throw away from Ka Lae, which is the southernmost point of the United States; therefore, both landmarks are visible once exploring the island.

Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

This beach is renowned for its outstanding windsurfing environment and pebbled shore, however, Zlatni Rat Beach is actually best known for and has made more than a few top ten lists for the abnormal wishbone shape. Even though the actual outline of the beach is subject to alteration depending on the sea and wind situation, the iconic v shaped shoreline is identifiable all the time. It is very simple to reach the beach once you are visiting Croatia, just hop on a catamaran ferry from Split and you are there.

Bowling Ball Beach, California

The shoreline at Schooner Gulch State Beach in Mendocino County is littered with mysterious-looking sandstone boulders in a spherical shape. The weird formations of rocks were fashioned by centuries of concretion and wearing away, throughout which time mineral cement caused sand to become glued to other tiny particles. The waves crashing on the objects created the masses as time passed, creating the stepping stones of ‘bowling balls’ that are present currently. There are better viewed during low tide when they are visible in all their glory.

Diamond Beach, Jokulsarlon, Iceland

As large pieces of ice break off the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon and wash ashore, they create a glistening effect similar to gems on the jet black Diamond Beach, as the name states. Between the inky-looking shores and icy lagoon, the scene at Jokulsarlon makes for a cinematic location, hence the filming of two Bond movies. Aerial images of this beach could easily pass for an alien planet, so it is quite nice that we do not have to go that far to enjoy such a scene.

Hyams Beach, New South Wales

All across the world, you could find white sandy beaches; however, there are none like the ghostly white sands at Hyams Beach, and this is confirmed in the Guinness Book of World Records. There is really nothing uncommon about the composition of the sand, which consists of main quartz that is finely ground, other than the fact that there are hardly any impurities. The beach at Hyams practically has a glow about it, which then sets the bar pretty high for off-white sand beaches.

Tangsi Beach, Lombok, Indonesia

This beach is where bright blue water comes into contact with bubblegum pink sand. Tangsi Beach is one of only a handful of beaches with pink sand in the world. The pastel color of the sand comes from tiny bits of the coral which combines with the natural white sand of the beach. Most people that visit this island near Bali come with one thing in mind and that is to gaze their eyes on the pink sand shoreline.