Spring Adventure Ideas


The spring break season is upon us. For many teens, that means one thing: an opportunity to head to the beach and spend a week tanning, swimming, and sleeping in. But not all spring breaks are created equal. If you’re an active family, spring break doesn’t have to mean sun-soaked days beside the pool. There are plenty of ways to make the most of your time off without losing your mind in the process.

The time of year when the entire family can gather together from far and wide and reconnect with one another in a vacation haven – whether it’s a sunny beach destination or a snow-covered mountain retreat. Of course, you can make the most of your family vacation by choosing the right destination and activities for every family member.

Vermont- Hiking, Ropes Courses, And Mountain Biking

In addition to skiing and boating, Vermont is a great place for mountain biking, with many trails throughout the state. Vermont is an enjoyable place for spring break destinations, and the best ride in Vermont is the Otter Creek Trail in Wells State Park. The Otter Creek Trail is very well maintained with a wide, smooth surface and is perfect for beginning bikers. The area around the Otter Creek Trail is also trendy for hiking, and there is a ropes course in the park that is a lot of fun.

Learn To Work The Ranch In Colorado

Colorado is the numerous mountainous land in the contiguous United States. The Rocky Mountains stretch over 3,000 miles from northern New Mexico to central Alaska. This area has some of the most scenic and breathtaking views. As you travel through Colorado on horseback riding, you will be mesmerized by the scenery as you gallop across the plains. You will see everything from mountains to lakes to waterfalls. The best part is, all you need is a pair of boots and a horse.

New Hampshire – Zip Lining, Off-Roading, And Hiking In The White Mountains

If there’s one thing New Hampshire is known for, it’s the White Mountains. And it’s for a good reason: the granite peaks, beautiful lakes, and cascading waterfalls are picture-perfect. But the White Mountains don’t offer just hiking trails and mountain climbing opportunities. They also have a strong ziplining scene, several rivers, and miles of off-roading trails. The best spring break destinations in the White Mountains will ensure you have the best vacation yet. 

Florida – Kayaking, Parasailing, And Shell Hunt On Sanibel & Captiva Islands

Florida is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and there’s no better way to enjoy the sun and sand than to travel by kayak. Paddling along the coastline of the islands of Sanibel and Captiva gives you an up-close and personal view of the natural world, and you’re likely to see dolphins and manatees in the waters as you go.

West Virginia – River Rafting, Ropes Programs, And Likewise At Adventures On The Gorge

West Virginia is known for its mountains, and Adventures On The Gorge is here to help you enjoy the best of those mountains. The state’s rivers are arguably a little less famous but no less of an attraction. The Greenbrier River, in particular, is well-known among whitewater enthusiasts for its challenging rapids and breathtaking scenery. From hiking in the gorgeous New River Gorge National River to the Cheat River’s whitewater rafting is an awesome experience. 

Arizona – Saddle Up At A Fellow Ranch In Tucson

Are you traveling to Arizona for a vacation? If you go for a day trip, consider visiting the beautiful Tucson area. The city is in the beautiful greater Tucson metropolitan area, and it’s known for its exceptional climate and gorgeous landscape. Visitors to the city can enjoy various outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and horseback riding. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to ride a horse, consider visiting a local dude ranch—most of the people like this place, and it’s on their top bucket list for a visit.

California – Examine The Natural Tendencies Of The Central Coast.

While California is home to some of the most famous national parks in the United States, it also has an impressive collection of lesser-known state parks and natural areas that provide opportunities for camping, hiking, and outdoor activities. California’s central coast is home to the state’s fifth-largest city, Santa Barbara, and several smaller coastal communities. The region stretches from Los Angeles to Monterey and is home to the state’s largest wine-producing countries.

Hawaii – So Many Adventures For Your Family

Hawaii is the perfect vacation destination for the entire family. Before you pick a destination, here are some tips to help you decide which Hawaii island is right for you. Deciding on an island will depend on what you want to do on your vacation. If you want to check out the sights, Maui is a perfect choice. Maui is popular for its stunning beaches, waterfalls, and environment. The Road to Hana is a must-do attraction. If you are looking for a more authentic Hawaii experience, the Big Island is the ticket. If you want to fit it all in, you can fly directly out of Los Angeles to the Big Island.

Alaska – Avoid The Summertime Crowds With A Spring Visit

Springtime in Alaska is the perfect time to visit. The snow is melting, the rivers are flowing, and the temperature is perfect.  The groups have not yet reached, and the roads are clear. You can easily see the wildlife that flocks to the early blooming flowers.  The wildflowers are just beginning to pop up in the woods and be at their peak in a few weeks.  The wildlife is still getting used to seeing humans around and may be more likely to come out from hiding to take advantage of the newly available food sources.

It’s no secret that Alaska is best experienced when the weather is less than hospitable—no crowds, no bugs, no summertime temperatures of 80 degrees—but what if you don’t want to wait until winter to visit?  If you can brave the rainy season, spring is an excellent time to see what all the hype is about because Alaska is more accessible in spring than summer.


There are so many stunning springtime destinations, and now is the perfect time to go. There are tons of activities for the whole family to enjoy and lots of nature to appreciate. Collect your things and your friends and family members and hit the road before the weather gets too warm, and you can still beat the crowds.