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Shoes That Feel Like Your Walking Barefoot


Walking barefoot on the beach can be one of the best feelings in the world! So what if there were pairs of shoes out there that could help give that feeling all day no matter where you’re walking? There is nothing better than finding a perfect shoe that offers you that comfort every day of the week, from casual to dress shoes! But what shoes can do this? Well, there are many, but here is a list of some of the top picks of barefoot shoes you will find!

Merrell Vapor Glove 5

The Merrell Vapor Glove 5 has been completely redesigned and reinvents the company’s best-selling shoe. Yet, it still provides a near-perfect example of what a barefoot shoe can accomplish for experienced barefoot runners. The Vapor Glove’s barely-there feel is backed by a bit more cushioning than other barefoot shoes, but it doesn’t detract from the shoe’s ability to help you make strides in your transition to running without any extra weight on your feet.

Mephisto Women’s Douala Sport Sandal

The Mephisto Women’s Douala Sport sandals offer the best possible barefoot shoes experience without sacrificing comfort and durability. The upper piece is made from soft leather with adjustable straps to fit nicely even on odd-shaped feet. The footbed has a natural latex, and the sole has a rocker shape which means it conforms to your unique footprint. The soft insole makes sure that your feet are always comfy, even if you have to wear them all day. These may be the best shoes for feeling like you’re walking barefoot. 

New Balance Minimus Zero Trail

The New Balance Minimus Zero Trail is the ultimate pair of barefoot shoes for trail running. Billed as a “zero drop” shoe, this means that there’s no difference in height between your heel and forefoot when wearing it (as opposed to most other shoes on the market). It also has a thin sole with minimal cushioning, making you feel like you’re running in a pair of socks. It is worth trying out for anyone who loves to run outdoors in the summertime or just wants a shoe that feels like you’re walking on air.

New Balance Vazee Prism v-Lite Sneaker

The New Balance Vaze Prism is the ultimate pair of barefoot running shoes for men. It has a lightweight upper made from mesh, which gives it that sock-like feel. The midsole is from a blend of EVA and rubber, giving you the barefoot shoe experience you’re looking for without sacrificing durability. It also has a shallow heel-to-toe drop (about three millimeters).

Vivo Barefoot Primus Lite III

The Primus Lite III lets your feet move in the most natural way possible. Every step, walk, and workout builds muscular strength. You become faster and more agile, and your stamina increases. They’re from recycled material, have an engaging sole that gives the best sensory underfoot experience, and is ideal for hard surfaces in urban settings. They also have 4mm soles that minimize the distance between your feet and the ground. Although these shoes are a little more expensive than some of the rest, they are top quality for barefoot shoes!

Vibram Five Fingers KSO

The KSO features a tight fit, one of the most minimal sole designs for maximum ground contact, and a breathable, fast-drying top. A single hook-and-loop fastening aids in the snug fit, while a thin rubber toe cap protects your toes. And because they’re made from stretchy fabric and have no seams, the KSO is extremely easy to get on and off, which might make them your new favorite shoes!

Lems Shoes Boulder Boot

The Lems Shoe Company makes one of the best barefoot shoes for men on the market. The Boulder Boot has breathable, water-resistant leather, which means you can wear them in cool or wet conditions without any problems. It’s also very flexible! 

Xero Prio Running and Fitness Shoe

The Prio has Xero’s 5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber, which gives you excellent protection and the natural feeling of ground feedback your feet enjoy. Depending on your mood, you can choose to have more or less of a barefoot feel by using the optional 2mm insole. The Prio’s transparent heel and instep straps keep your feet firmly in place. The Prio is also composed of 100% vegan-friendly materials, so you can help your feet while also feeling good about your purchase!


Many different types of shoes can provide you with the feeling of being barefoot. These include running, fitness, and casual shoes for both men and women! If you’re tired of your old shoes or looking to purchase a new pair, consider a pair of shoes that can let you feel like you’re walking barefoot and get closer to the ground than ever before!