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10 Unique Uses For Toothpaste


We all know that toothpaste is great for cleaning teeth, but did you know it can also be helpful in other ways? Whether you are looking for a new way to shine up your shoes, or you need some glue to fix something around the house – there’s no need to buy anything when all you have to do is grab some toothpaste! Here are ten different uses for toothpaste that will help save time and money.

Shining Shoes

There’s no need to buy unique polishes when you can use toothpaste! Just apply some paste on the shoe and rub it in with a cloth. The ingredients that help clean your teeth also work great at shining shoes! When using this method, be sure to avoid getting any of the actual paste onto suede or leather parts, and it can ruin them if left there for too long. You can also use a bit of baking soda with the toothpaste for an even better shine.

Remove Odor From Plastic Food Containers

Toothpaste has a unique way of removing tough odors from plastic food storage containers. If you have plastic food containers that still smell like the old takeout, all you need to do is rub some toothpaste onto them. The minty scent will help get rid of odors and leave your containers smelling fresh! Just be sure it doesn’t sit for longer than a few hours before washing off the paste. 

Fix Scratches On Wood

If you have wooden furniture with scratches all over them from being moved around by kids or pets, just apply a little bit of toothpaste on each scratch and rub it in. Leave the paste on overnight, and then wipe it off with a clean cloth or sponge in the morning!

Remove Crayon Marks From Walls

If your children have gotten crayons all over the walls, you can remove them using toothpaste and rub them with an old rag until removed. Don’t forget that this also works great for removing pen marks from desks. No need to buy expensive cleaners when toothpaste will do the trick every time. It’s great for removing crayon marks from certain types of fabrics!

Cleaning Coffee Stains

Mugs never seem to last long before they get those dirty, brown rings around the inside from not being washed quickly enough. If you add some toothpaste to a sponge and rub it in, the rings will come right off! This will make your appliances look new again! If your coffee machine or kettle gets stained with tough-to-remove stains, just apply some toothpaste and let it sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing.

Fix Scratches On CDs And DVDs

In the age of technology, many people still have a ton of CDs and DVDs. If you find yourself in this situation but don’t want your discs to go into landfills, there’s no need for alarm! Apply some toothpaste onto each scratch using a soft cloth or sponge and let it sit overnight before wiping off. The following day you’ll see all those scratches disappear and be able to enjoy watching them again without any problems!

Remove Water Marks From Wood

Wood furniture can look so beautiful when it’s all shiny and new, but watermarks are inevitable. The minerals in tap water can get absorbed into the wood over time if you’re not careful to wipe them away quickly after each use. If this has happened to your wooden kitchenware or dining table, then don’t worry! Toothpaste is excellent for removing these pesky stains by simply applying some onto a soft cloth and rubbing until released. Just make sure you only leave the paste on for 30 minutes before wiping it off with another clean cloth or sponge; otherwise, it could cause damage to certain types of woods like rosewood or mahogany.


If there’s one thing toothpaste is good at, it’s fixing broken items around the home. If you find yourself in a bind and need to fix small things quickly before guests come over, just grab some toothpaste! The same ingredients that help clean your teeth will also stick two pieces of plastic together or repair cracks on glassware. Just be sure not to use too much since this could cause more problems than solutions.

Remove Ink Stains From Hands

Toothpaste can work wonders for removing stains from clothing and fabric, but did you know that it works well for hands as well? When using traditional ink removers fails time after time, try applying a bit of toothpaste onto those stained areas and scrub with an old cloth until removed. Be careful not to use too much toothpaste, though, because it could cause skin irritation.

Remove Stubborn Stains From Carpeting and Rugs

If this is a common problem for your house, there’s no need to worry about getting out the expensive cleaners since toothpaste will do the trick every time without leaving harmful chemicals behind. Just apply some onto a soft cloth or sponge and gently rub until stains disappear.


No matter what your toothpaste uses are, it’s always a wise decision to have some on hand. It may not be the cheapest household item you can buy, but if you think about all of its uses and how long it will last before needing to replace again, this little tube could end up saving you money in the long run!