Children Who Were Raised By Animals


You must have heard many stories of children who got lost, like the Romulus and Remus legend. A wolf suckled them until a shepherd found them. The place where they were taken care of by the wolf was named the city Palatine Hill. Some of us may consider it a myth, but history has its reveals, and there are stories of children who were reared by wild animals. 

The children who are often raised by animals are hampered with cognitive and behavioral disabilities. They are mixed with human feelings and the tender material instinct of animals. There are many bedtime stories, like a British homemaker Maria Chapman would tell her two daughters stories of the children raised by animals. 

There was a story of Chapman, who was kidnapped at the age of 5 and abandoned in the jungle. She joined the tribe of the capuchin monkeys, and she used to copy their way of living, the way they ate, drank, all the social activities, and even their language, and eventually, she became a part of a family. She stayed with them for five years. This was the story of an unnamed girl who was raised by a monkey. However, there are many incredible tales and reported cases of children raised by animals.

Ugandan Monkey-Boy

John Ssebunya’s mother was murdered by his father when he was 4. He ran away to the jungle where the vervet monkey troop raised him. There are many cases where the villagers often discover feral children. When villagers spotted him with the monkeys, he got assistance from the monkeys and threw sticks on the villagers. Since the day he was repurchased to his villages, they taught him to speak, and now he can sing.

Raised By Feral Cats And Dogs

There was a five-year-old girl who was spotted in an unheated flat in a Siberian town in 2009. She lived with her father and her relatives, where they treated her like dogs and cats. She used to lap the food from the bowls, which they left on the floor. They never taught her to speak, so her only way of communication was through hisses and barks. When authorities rescued the girl, the father was nowhere to be found. Today she has been placed in an orphanage. 

Cambodian Jungle Girl

When she mysteriously disappeared, she was 8. Her name is Rochom P’ngieng, she was found after eighteen years in 2007, the villagers found the sight of a naked woman trying to steal rice from a house. The distinctive scars on her back identified her. When she was found she was 30 years old, somehow she managed to stay alive in the dense jungle. She did not speak any language, and she fled back into the jungle later in 2010. There are reports of her reappearances in the wilderness.

Lobo Wolf Girl Of Devils River

A mysterious girl was spotted running in the wolves’ pack attacking the herd of sheep near San Felipe, Mexico. The girl was seen again later in the year, and this time she was spotted devouring a freshly killed goat. After the villagers have captured her, she incessantly howled throughout the night, and there was the pack of wolves who attacked the village. She escaped and was not seen again in 1852, and then later, she was spotted suckling two wolf cubs beside the river.

Russian Bird Boy

He was raised like a pet bird and confined to a room by his abusive mother. When he was discovered, he didn’t speak but merely chirped like the other bird. He could not engage in everyday human conversations. He has been moved to a center for psychological care where the doctors work on him to rehabilitate him.

Amala And Kamala

These were the two girls, one eight years old and the other 18 months, and they were found in a wolf’s den in 1920, in Midnapore, India. Their story faced many controversies as the experts did not consider them as sisters due to their age gap. It was thought that they were taken by the pack of wolves on different occasions. After being captured, they longed to return to the wild, and they were trying to cope with the civilized world.

Peter The Wild Boy

He was discovered walking naked near Hamelin, Germany, in 1724. When the experts found him, he behaved like a wild animal, and he eats both vegetables and birds raw. He was incapable of speaking. Later he was moved to England, where he was named Peter the Wild Boy. He never learned any language, because he was very fond of music. He died in 1785, and his gravestone is marked as ‘Peter the wild boy.’

The Six-Year-Old Alpha Dog

Ivan Mishukov was born in 1992, and he lived between wolves when he was four years old. He ran away from his house due to his mother’s alcoholic and abusive boyfriend. He then entered the ranks of feral dogs. Later, when he won their trust by providing dogs with food, and in return, they used to protect him. He became the pack leader, the police captured him, and he escaped three times with his pack’s help. Later he was arrested again for leaving a lot of food in front of the restaurant and eventually learned the language later. The police tried hard to understand that human society is better than the pack of dogs because of his past experiences with his mother’s boyfriend. 


Feral children spent most of their childhood in solitude. There are many report cases where the animals have brought up the infants. There are myths and fiction on the stories of such children who were reared by wolves, monkeys, dogs, etc., but there are several confirmed cases of many such children. These children have faced abuse or trauma before being abandoned or running away in the wild. They are often portrayed as children who are raised by the wild.