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Brilliant Uses For 5 Gallon Buckets


5-gallon buckets are a staple of any garage, workshop or storage shed. They’re great for storing everything from nuts and bolts to seedlings and soil. You can use them as feeders for your chickens or rabbits, too! But there’s so much more you can do with a 5-gallon bucket than stick it in your garage. Read on to find out how you can maximize this simple container into something that will delight both your family and friends!

Drip Irrigation

You can easily make a drip irrigation system with a few simple items you might have at home right now! All you need are 5-gallon buckets, drill bits, 2-3 feet of half-inch tubing, stakes, nails, and something to weigh the buckets down. Drill about ten holes, evenly spaced around the bottom of your bucket, and use zip ties to attach the tubing at two points on either side of the base. Then drive stakes into the ground to support the bucket and fill it with water. It’s as easy as that! Your plants will be so happy, and you can rest assured knowing that your flowers and veggies are getting all the water they need to grow big and strong.

Bubble Machine

Got kids? Enjoy bubbles? Well, you can make a bubble machine with nothing more than a 5-gallon bucket, some PVC pipe, a small fan, and a small holed net. Take apart an old computer fan and attach it to the lid of your bucket. Then, drill a couple of holes in the side near the bottom, just big enough for your PVC pipe to fit inside.

Put one end of the pipe inside of the bucket so that it’s pointing up towards where you can screw on your lid. Attach another piece of PVC pipe to the other end and run it to your outside faucet. The fan will push the bubbles through the pipe and into your net, and voila, you’ve got a homemade bubble machine!

Clothes Washer

Got a whole load of dirty clothes to clean? Rather than running it through your machine, you can use a 5-gallon bucket and laundry soap to do it by hand. Fill your bucket with soapy water and wash away! Just make sure the soap suds up before you put in your clothes, and be careful when putting them in and out of the bucket. Once you finish washing, rinse your clothes in the bathroom sink with warm water until all the soap is gone. Then hang outside to dry. 

Chicken Feeder

Got a henhouse full of chickens? Keep your hens fed and happy with a 5-gallon bucket chicken feeder. You can make one out of any old 5-gallon bucket and PVC pipe. To begin, draw a line where you wish to make the hole in the bucket. The hole should be near the bottom of the bucket without actually touching it.

Leave a margin of approximately 15-20mm to ensure that the grain enters the PVC pipe’s mouth. Mark the bucket’s edge with a marker and trace around it to indicate the size and location of the PVC pipe. If you divide the bucket into thirds, place one PVC elbow in each third. Then cut around your marks, insert the PVC elbows facing down, and fill it up with feed! You can also attach a lid to the bucket with zip ties, which will keep out any pesky rodents.

Side Table

Need a quick and easy side table for your patio, porch, or another area? Think no further than the 5-gallon bucket! All you need is a 5-gallon bucket, a drill with 3/8 inch bit, 4 feet of 1×2 lumber, wood screws (4), 2 hinges, and some sandpaper (80 grit). To begin, mark where you want to drill into the bucket.

The hole should be big enough for your 1×2 lumber to fit through, with a little room to spare on all sides. Then, drill about 4-5 holes along your marks and attach your hinges around the base of the bucket. You can use wood screws to secure the hinges to the bucket. Attach a 1×2 to each side of your table, and you’re done! This is also great as a bedside table or as an end table.

Bucket Seat


If you have a couple of 5-gallon buckets, you can turn them into additional seating with just some fabric and a mattress pad for a cushion. These are easy and won’t take you long at all to make. Start by cutting the fabric into two equal pieces that are just big enough to fit over your buckets. Then, cut out a piece of mattress pad that is just slightly larger than the top of your bucket.

To create the cushion, place the mattress pad on top of the bucket and cover it with one piece of fabric, making sure to wrap the edges over the top of the bucket. Use an adhesive like hot glue or basting spray to secure the fabric in place. Then use the other piece of fabric to cover the entire top of the mattress pad and bucket.


With the tips listed above, you should be able to find plenty of unique ways to use your 5-gallon buckets around the house. From chicken feeders to bubble machines and clothes washers, there are virtually no limits on what you can do with these multi-purpose storage containers. If you want to make any of the 5-gallon bucket projects listed above, all you need to do is follow the simple step-by-step directions, and you can get started right away!