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Best Rated Pepper Spray For Personal Defense


The chemical commonly found in pepper spray results in heat, momentary loss of sight, and pain, irritating the eyes and causing discomfort. The spray has a high concentration of capsicum, and so the person experiences pain in the eyes, tears, and redness in the eyes, coughing, and trouble breathing. There are many reasons why pepper sprays are a great self-defense tool. You can use it on multiple attackers at the same time. 

Pepper spray is quite an affordable tool that runs around $15 per spray bottle. It is effortless to carry, and the can is small enough to fit in your bag. Purchasing and carrying pepper spray is legal in most parts of the country. Though pepper spray is painful on the victim, the damage is not permanent. It is effortless to use the tool and requires very little training. A small can of pepper spray can surely save your life. There are many brands of pepper sprays on the market. Civilians commonly use this universally used non-lethal tool for self-defense. The different sprays available in the market differ based on their formulation, concentration levels, triggers, spray patterns, and range. We shall first evaluate the different brands available in the market.

Fox Labs 5.3 M SHU

Fox labs are one of the leading manufacturers in the pepper spray industry. Their 5.3 M SHU variant is the most effective pepper spray available in the market. Many organizations like government agencies, hospital security, military organizations, etc., use this Fox Lab spray. Fox Labs use the purest form of OC resin to manufacture the pepper spray. Their 5.3 collection comes in 3 variants of 1.5oz, 2oz, and 3oz cans. They also have two different spray patterns of a stream and a cone. The stream spray reaches approximately 20 feet while the cone spray reaches a distance of approximately 15 feet. Even if a person is carrying a stun gun, the Fox lab 5.3 M SHU is safe to use as it is oil-based and non-flammable. Thus this option turns out to be the best pepper spray available in the market.

Sabre Red Crossfire

Sabre is another manufacturer of OC sprays. They are known for their consistent quality. They have an in-house laboratory to provide consistent quality products and heat consistency in the pepper spray. Their pepper spray uses crossfire technology, which helps the cans be used from any angle and not just up-right. It is available in size options of 1.4oz, 1.5oz, 2oz, and 3oz.

Mace Triple Action Police Model

Mace was the first brand to manufacture pepper spray, so it has a first-mover advantage. Mace uses a very effective combination of 10% OC pepper and tear gas with 2 million SHU. The spray results in instant breathing issues, pain, and irritation on the skin and eyes. The can comes with finger grooves which makes it very easy to grip. It has a stream spray pattern and can cover a distance of up to 12 feet.

Best Pepper Spray For Runners

While deciding on a pepper spray for runners, heat strength definitely comes as a top priority. The combination of size, weight, and ease to carry the spray around is essential. The runners will not feel the extra burden to carry the spray around when they exercise. The cans also come with straps so that they can easily hold them during a run. The spray pattern, in this case, is that of a stream to allow fast pace and quick spraying. In this category, the Sabre Red 3 In 1 Runner Pepper Spray tops the chart, followed by the Mace Sport Jogger. Both these options have a great combination of OC, CS tear gas, and UV marking dye. They also come in a pink color option for women joggers.

Keychain Pepper Spray

These options have gained popularity as keychains are a very comfortable place to keep the pepper spray. These sprays are very lightweight. Before finalizing a keychain pepper spray, the important thing to keep in mind is to look at its breakaway mechanism. Since attacks happen in a fraction of seconds, the spray must quickly detach from the keys so that the victim can use the spray instantly. In this category, the Wildfire Keychain Quick Release Spray tops the chart as it is very light in weight and easy to attach to the key chain. It has a range of up to 8 feet. The Sabre Red 3 In 1 Keychain Spray is also popular in this category.

Best Everyday Carry Pepper Sprays

Usually, people have started carrying pepper sprays daily as this is one of the most non-lethal defense products. You can carry it in a bag, key chain, or a belt. The Fox Labs Mean Green Pepper Spray remains one of the top choices. It contains 3 Million SHUs and a 6% OC concentrate. The Fox products come in easy 1.5oz or 3oz packing and can be effective to a distance of 20 feet with a stream fogger. 

Pepper Sprays For dogs and Bears

People also carry with them dog pepper sprays to overcome the routine problematic dogs in the neighborhood. The Mace or Sabre brand pepper sprays are the safest to protect you from a dog attack. These sprays do not cause any long-term injuries to the animal but will help you distance yourself immediately from the animal. The Mace Canine repellent and the Sabre Red protector are the market leaders in this space. While you are on a hunt or hiking in the woods, you may come across bears. Bears can prove to be very harmful, so these pepper sprays come in handy. The pepper sprays have turned out to be even more effective than the use of fire guns. The bear pepper sprays are very effective against these animals. Bear sprays are extremely high concentrated OC sprays. This can at least give you the time to flee away from the ferocious animal. The Bear Mace spray is the market leader in this category and has a range of up to 35 feet. Frontiersman Bear Spray from Sabre Red is another good option. 

The industry leader is Fox Labs International who has been in the business for the last 20 years. Another brand that has been in business for the last 40 years is the Sabre Red Line which has been consistently producing some of the best quality products. Defense Technology is a manufacturer that deals in commercial-grade products rather than personal ones. Mace has been one of the first ones to enter this market space.  Pom Pepper spray has been a new entrant in this space. Streetwise is another manufacturer that deals with keychain units and pistol grips. 


So now that you are aware of the choices in using pepper spray, you can safely choose one for your self-defense. They prove to be one of the best defense mechanisms which provide you instant relief. They are one of the most affordable and easy to carry products for self-defense, so stay safe and use your pepper spray!