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Best Dog Breeds That Could Save Your Life


Although humans are supposedly the smartest species to exist, they often land themselves in life-threatening situations, in dire need of a savior. Enter the ever-loyal friends of the rather reckless humans, the four-legged dogs.

Dogs are known for protecting their owners for eons. History is rife with tales of canine heroism, demonstrating how the humans’ fluffy companion saved them from grave dangers time and time again. Dogs tend to love wholeheartedly and remain loyal to their masters, which is why they never let their owners get in harm’s way. And that stands true for all canines, regardless of their breed.

However, some breeds are especially known for their courage and willingness to rescue their master, even if that meant risking their own life. If you want to befriend a brave fur buddy, you might want to choose one from the following breeds.


Known for their heavy bones and bulky bodies, bullmastiffs are among the most daring dog breeds. Their sharp protection instincts and unwavering loyalty to their human family members force them to always be on the lookout for intruders.

Bullmastiffs are excellent family dogs as they thrive in loving households. Although these large dogs are naturally submissive, they turn hostile when the ones they love are imperiled.


Newfoundlands, fondly known as Newfies, are super strong muscular dogs with webbed feet. They are famous for their water acrobatics, aka their ability to wade in water deftly, which made them the star of many dramatic water rescues in the past.

Newfies have a sturdy body with a double hair coat to keep them warm and moisture-free. They were officially introduced to the world in the 1700s by the Englishmen as the dogs on vessels taken on voyages. Even today, the English, Italian and French coastguards use Newfies as rescue dogs for the water.

Saint Bernards

The oh-so-poised Saint Bernards known for their regality are massive beasts that have saved people from some of the most horrific snowy avalanches. In the 1600s, monks living in the Swiss Alps first noticed the mind-boggling ability of these fiery canines to sense an avalanche in the making and spot any survivors post a snow slip.

Saint Bernards are large, bulky fur babies with an extraordinary sense of smell, which allows them to locate fires from miles afar. Even if you don’t live in a snowy region that often witnesses snowstorms, you can adopt a Saint Bernard to feel safe at all times.

Doberman Pinschers

Doberman pinschers are some of the most agile dogs out there. If you live on a large property, you can use the expertise of a Doberman pinscher.

These quick on their feet dogs are incredibly sharp and can sense the slightest movement from a considerable distance without fail. And once they spot an intruder, they WILL not let the fellow go before a session of good old battering.

Doberman pinschers are regarded as the fifth smartest dog breeds in the world and are a popular pet choice among celebrities. Even the 35th President of the United States of America owned one.

If you want to sleep like a baby at night, you should consider getting a Doberman pinscher. The fearless, fast, and loyal dog will protect you with all its might.

German Shepherds

Seeing German shepherds on this list shouldn’t surprise you as these brave canines are often seen breaking bread with military personnel.

The formidable German Shepherds are extraordinarily loyal and super easy to train. They do not trust easily, which is why nobody can cheat them or harm them without a fight. These courageous dogs are the showstopper in many tales of canine heroism, some of which date back to the 1800s.

German shepherds are high energy, intelligent and fast dogs that will pounce on anyone trying to cross them or the ones they love. They are generally aloof and do not mingle with everyone. But once you make them comfortable with your presence, they will become your best friend in no time.

Having a GS sleeping next to you will help you rest better at night for sure.


Collies are not generally seen as guard dogs because of their friendly demeanor but believe it or not; they have saved numerous people throughout history. This is why collies have been the recipient of the honorable title of dog of the year more than any other breed.

While there are many stories demonstrating the valor of collies, some are just too moving and need to be mentioned. In 1954, a collie named Tang saved a bunch of kids by moving them out of the road while getting hit in the process.

Another collie by the name blaze saved a toddler from a horrific sow attack and received the dog of the year dog.

Apart from saving people, collies have been a part of armed forces as sentries to patrolling soldiers.

Owning a collie will give you a loyal bud, a snuggle bear, and a protector all in one!

 Golden Retrievers

Loved by kids and adults alike, golden retrievers are the most popular family dog breed. They were originally bred to retrieve ducks and swamps from water bodies, but they became the perfect pet over time.

However, these high energy loyal dogs are excellent at protecting their owners from danger. They love to play and have a good time with their human family.

Goldies are quick on their feet and devoted to the extreme. Their agility and swimming skills make them an ideal candidate for a pet dog as well as a guard dog.


The hairy enigmatic pulis are known for their distrust of people. They are always on guard for intruders and tend to bark loudly in case of any suspicious movement. They love outdoor activities such as hiking, running, and playing around.

Additionally, pulis are exceedingly fast and smart, so no suspicious activity can go unnoticed in their presence.

Having a dog is tremendously comforting as is, but if you adopt a brave breed, you can also feel secure at all times. So, be sure to consider getting any of the mentioned dog breeds!