10 Lethal Critters That Could Be In Your Backyard


Although the United States is our home, we’re not the only things that live here. The United States has a very diverse wildlife population, and some of these animals are known to attack humans and aggressively. As wild animals like bears, tigers, and lions are dangerous, insects and smaller animals can be far more deadly.

When you want to relax in your yard and enjoy an afternoon in the garden, you don’t want to interfere with lethal critters that could be in your backyard. Unfortunately, various unwanted creatures like rodents, insects, and other trouble-making animals crawl in your yard. These critters are generally in search of a home or meal, and they don’t care how much backyard destruction or mess they create in the process. 

Here are the ten lethal critters that could be in your backyard

Critters Carrying Rabies

Rabies is one of the deadliest viruses on Earth, and if you get a bite from an infected carrier, it results in being overall fatal if left untreated. It is most commonly found in North America in wild animals like bats, raccoons, rabbits, coyotes, dogs, opossums, skunks, squirrels, foxes, wolves, and cats. In many animals, symptoms are not immediately present, so a bite from any infected animals should be treated as a possible rabies disease. 

This virus can be a disturbingly, painful, inconvenient problem for humans due to the nature of the virus’s medical treatment. You need to try and catch the animals so they can be analyzed to determine whether that animal is infected or not. 

American Alligator

People who live in Florida, East Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi know that everybody of water is home to at least one of these water creatures. Since there are many places for them to swim, you can find them almost everywhere. Recently, a gigantic alligator was seen roaming across a golf course, and it wasn’t just there to play. Many backyards in the cities with lakes and ponds suffer from these animals roaming around.

Arizona Hairy Scorpion

These nasty critters can grow up to 14 centimeters, have a ferocious sting and pack two lobster-like claws. A scorpion sting is not lethal to most people, but it is still excruciating due to its venom. Sometimes the problem with a scorpion sting is that some people who are allergic to its venom don’t realize it until they are stung by one. 

Some people will usually begin to have difficulty breathing if a person has an allergy to these little guys, which can be deadly if left untreated.

They will sting you if they are given the opportunity and are incredibly aggressive if disturbed. While humans give most dangerous critters a wide berth, people keep these as pets, but even pet-owners know not to handle them. They have a nasty temper, and even without disease and allergy, they have a painful sting. 

Brown Recluse Spider

These critters share some things in common with rattlesnakes because of their venom. The disease brought on by these creatures can cause amputation, severe disfigurement, and even death. However, this is rare. Bites by them result in damaged tissue and disfiguring scars. They are especially dangerous to the kids and elders, so be aware of any of these spiders that happen to crawl into your home. 

Honey Bee

In the US, the honey bee is listed as the deadliest non-human animal, resulting in more than 100 deaths per year. People with allergies can die within 10 minutes of getting stung by a bee. Some of these signs are swelling of the throat, mouth, and face, falling blood pressure, and rapid pulse. Luckily, people who know they have the allergy can get a shot from an epinephrine pen that will save their lives.


The mosquito is the deadliest animal on the planet, even if you wouldn’t think it to be by just looking at them. Mosquitoes can carry diseases like the West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, and Malaria, which can transfer to humans if you are bit by one. In the United States, deaths from transmitted diseases from mosquito bites are rare, but they account for around one million deaths each year throughout the world.

Coral Snake

The coral snake is one of the deadliest snakes in the world. Their venom is a potent neurotoxin deadly enough to paralyze your muscles. Your chances of surviving this attack without an anti-venom are pretty much zero since you need those muscles to work and breathe.

You can find coral snakes anywhere in North America, with two different types living in the United States. You can keep these critters out of your backyard like the rattlesnake. Keep checking your backyard and keep an eye everywhere. 

Black Widow Spider

The species’ female itself is the most venomous spider in North America by carrying a venom 15 times more toxic than the rattlesnake. A black widow spider’s bite carries a toxin called latrotoxin, which has the harmful effect of causing severe muscle spasms and pain. Maximum people who are bitten by this spider do not die but live fairly intense pain from the bite for up to a week. When this spider bites kids, they are much more susceptible to dying from its venom, so they should immediately get to a hospital.

Mountain Cougars, Puma, and Lions


A mountain lion is the same animal as a cougar, Florida panther, and puma. From South America to the western United States, they have different names depending on where they happen to live. Since their prey is smaller mammals and deer, they are out most often during dusk and dawn. Mountain lions usually don’t attack humans, but when they do, it is almost always fatal. They tend to go for kids due to their size when they do attack people. 

Paper Wasp

Paper wasps build honeycomb nests that are easily identifiable. Their nests are paper honeycombs with bottomless holes for larvae, and they’re easy to recognize due to the hexagonal pattern. They make a nest just about anywhere, like inside metal gutters, outdoor grills, or under building overhangs. Their thin, long bodies are about 2.5 centimeters long, are usually reddish-brown, with some yellow markings, and they look hairless and smooth.

Final Thoughts

Nature is an obstinate enigma. Although we might try our hardest to keep invasive plants from growing in our garden or keeping dangerous critters crawling here and there, nature always wins, and we have to accept it. We can build fences to keep these lethal woodland creatures away, but some are not even seen. All we can do is be safe & careful and use the precaution against the critters. These are the most common lethal critters you might see in the backyard, so take a precaution and be careful.