Why You Should Take A Vacation


You know, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but it has been scientifically proven that vacations are good for your health. Yes, the kind of vacation where you lay on a beach and drink piña coladas all day. But this blog post is not just about how much fun vacations can be; it’s also about why they are suitable for your physical and mental health too! So please read on to find out more reasons why you should take a vacation today. 

Lower Stress Levels

Let’s start with the most apparent reason you should take a vacation – they make you feel happy. It doesn’t matter how much pressure your boss or teacher puts on you; time off from work or school will always make you feel relaxed and refreshed. And studies show that people who regularly take breaks experience lower stress levels than those who don’t. Another way in which vacations can help you with stress is by simply taking a break from the people and situations that make you feel stressed in the first place! Studies show that close relationships can be very stressful, especially if our partner or family member puts a lot of pressure on us to do things their way. Taking time off from these relationships – even if only for a few days – can be refreshing and help you feel less stressed when it is time to return home.

Better Overall Health

Vacations are good for your physical health because they allow you to relax and sleep more, which can often be challenging to do in our busy lives. We all try to get 8 hours of sleep every night, but over 48% of Americans claim that it is difficult to fall asleep at night with their regular sleeping schedule. Stepping away from our everyday lives can make us feel less stressed, making it easier for us to relax and fall asleep. And who doesn’t like sleeping more? Studies also show that people who take breaks are better able to lower their heart rate when under stress, which is good news for anyone with a history of heart problems.  And, of course, vacations are good for your mental health. When you’re on vacation, you get to relax, which reduces feelings of anger. They also allow us to have more positive emotions in our lives, which can help improve our relationships with the people around us. Studies show that when someone is happy, they are much more likely to help someone else in need, which we should all strive for.

Increased Creativity

Vacations are good for your creativity because they help you relax and de-stress, which allows your brain to work better. Overworked employees who get stuck doing the same thing every day can become very bored of their jobs very quickly, but taking some time off allows them to return with a fresh perspective on what they do. It’s a similar story for students, who often get bogged down with projects and essays. If you’ve got a paper due this week, take the time to go somewhere where you can relax and return with a renewed enthusiasm for your subject. But vacations are also good for your creativity because they encourage you to experience new things, making it easier for you to think of new ideas. This is especially true when you travel somewhere far away or do something completely different from your regular routine, like taking up a hobby or training for a marathon. 

Reconnects With Loved Ones

Of course, vacations are good for your social life because they encourage you to meet new people and spend time with the family. The problem with modern life is that we all work too hard and rarely see our loved ones; in the US alone, over 50% of ‘Millennials’ (people born between 1980 and 2000) feel that they don’t have enough time to spend with their friends.  But even if you aren’t able to go far, a trip to a public place can be very beneficial for reconnecting with family and friends. It doesn’t matter whether the two of you work in different areas or live far away – going out for dinner or catching a movie is an excellent way of spending time together and strengthening your relationships. Vacations are also good for our friendships because they allow us to bond with the new people we meet at our holiday destination. If you’re traveling alone, it can be easy to feel lonely or left out; but chances are you’ll make some friends along the way who can be a part of your life when you get back home. Vacations are good for your social life because they make us happier in our relationships; in fact, happiness increases couples’ satisfaction in their relationship. This is especially true for couples who live apart, like military spouses or long-distance lovers. Spending time together is fun, but taking time apart allows us to appreciate what we have even more. A healthy relationship with one person can also make it easier to develop new friendships.

Renews Energy Levels

Vacations are also good for your energy levels because they encourage you to get outside and exercise. This is especially true in the summer when we spend more time in the sun and on holiday, but it can be just as beneficial in winter. If you live somewhere cold and don’t have a car, getting outside every day can help you to feel warmer; similarly, if you live somewhere hot, it can be challenging to get your energy levels up. Making an effort to exercise during your vacation will also encourage you to do more when you get home. If the only time you do any exercises is while you’re on holiday, there’s no reason for you to continue when you get back home. Instead, try to exercise daily for the best results.


In conclusion, there are many reasons for you to take a vacation. Always remember that it’s not all about getting away – you don’t need to go far or spend a lot of money to enjoy your vacation. But if you want to get the most out of your vacation, try to make an effort to do something different from what you usually do every day.