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What Makes Patagonia’s Clothing Sustainable?


Sometimes it is not just how much effort we need to put in but how willing we are to stride through the road less taken. With the climate crisis taking a global toll in recent years, it is high time for us humans, ‘the creators of this mess,’ to return to the roots. Shifting focus towards holistic, sustainable living is the need of the hour.

And some worthy enterprises are taking the lead towards shifting the gaze back to where it originally belonged. Patagonia is a global apparel company that designs clothing and outdoor gear for a wide range of adrenaline-rushing activities. But what makes the company stand apart from the rest? It’s the ideology that it is built on and is striving to globalize sustainability!   

Clothing A Dimension We Often Ignore!

When we talk about moving towards a greener future, the first thought that strikes our mind is about the crisis of plastics that is slowly choking the planet. But another less publicized area of concern is fashion wastage. With low price and affordability, clothing has emerged as one of the largest sectors that see tons of wastage. Each year adds a million tons of clothing to the landfills filling up space and killing nature. 

Another area of pollution is the microfibers that the clothing industries release in the wastewaters, the magnitude of water used to cultivate raw material, and the subsequent processing and manufacturing. The switch towards cheap yet non-degradable synthetic alternatives is a red-light sign alarming the consumers and manufacturers of the inevitable.

What does Patagonia Bring In?

Patagonia tries to minimize the factors that are environmentally hazardous or not natural. For example, all the cotton sourced for production is organically grown. More than half of the apparel lines make use of recycled materials. Patagonia creates environmentally friendly workstations and creates campaigns to spread awareness about the social and environmental crisis. 

Shifting focus from the mainstream advertising, they have chosen for activism promotion. A glance through their Instagram page is a testimony in itself. Targeting the audience to shell out more for a better living is what they hope for with their relatable and outgoing marketing strategy.

Measures Taken

Patagonia’s constant strive to associate itself with nature as much as possible has resulted in some innovative steps by the company to promote the idea among its employees and the consumers. Some of the plans and undertakings did by them are:

  • The worn-wear program, which promotes the buying of second-hand products of the same label.
  • 1% for the planet, in which they pledge to donate 1% of the annual sales profit to aid a good cause. 
  • Steps towards becoming carbon neutral by 2025 and eventually carbon positive in the future.
  • They have implemented fair trade practices towards all those who are associated with their supply chain. This, in turn, helps them improve the wages of more than 50% of the workers above the living wages dictated by the government.
  • Promote volunteer programs for the employees. Employees also receive incentives for going green and choosing alternatives that save the planet.
  • Promoting the recycling/repairing and refurbishing of the commodity by publishing guides sharing the company secrets with its global audience.
  • Transparency regarding the sourcing and production of the final product. Learn about Patagonia’s work by checking out their view of our footprints.

A small drop in the ocean

With the crisis ravaging through the system, it is difficult to lead, especially when the returns are slowly dwindling. It is hard to classify the rates as a success of its ideology or failure of acceptance. But over the years, the small company has contributed tons towards sustainability, roping in and influencing several companies at large.


Each one of us holds a social responsibility of aligning our lifestyle and changing the outlook in accordance with the needs of the time. In a time where we are all in the midst of combating the crisis, the key to reverse the damage, if not, is to return down to the roots. Take action and join Patagonia in its endeavor to save the planet!