What Is With Astrology And Millennials?


A lot of the millennial about the age of thirty-five might remember growing up with astrology. They might even reflect prominent campy, cartoonish personalities like Mystic Meg or Russel grant. Remembering how much they considered having a lucky number and going through magazines picking their favorite numbers. And hoping some tall, dark, and handsome person will intervene in their life, and it will all be fated. They also must have thought about reading horoscopes in the newspapers and magazines and comparing the present scenario to their horoscope. 


If we look at the traffic at the astrology sites since 2016, it has increased a lot. And it is even proliferating. The millennial era’s men and women are so drawn to astrology, but they might have different versions of it. Other sites are referred to, and various types of astrology are used and referred to. The Cut website also confirmed the same. They are stating that their audience had increases in the last four years, and there was a lot more traffic on their website than there was before. They even categorized their audience into being millennials. And even their horoscope column noticed an increased audience.

The patterns and positions of planets have seen a growing familiarity among youth in their 20s. They talk about their horoscope and their astrology with familiar terms like the moon rising in mercury, Saturn returns, and other such words. They even know that a sun sign is a zodiac sign, and it determines the events happening in their lives. 


They even explain their life events with the help of their moons and their positioning in sure zodiac signs. They even take a decent attempt at understanding astrology by knowing a few essential things, as the place of birth and the exact time of delivery, and the date of birth. It helps discuss and learn about the influence of the rising sign and moon sign in your zodiac.  

Magic and mysticism are used regularly and even popularly in pop culture. In the fashion world, too, there are labels like Vetements, and Valentino has used zodiac signs, astrological signs, a constellation of stars, and patterns of cosmos in their production. 


There was also a TV show that used a coven of witches and astrological impacts in central park to digest the election of Donald Trump as a president. But when talking about it, it surely doesn’t make so much sense. But once you watch Broad city, you will get the idea.


There is an app, too, called the CO-STAR; it is a social media app. It matches you with people and tells you how compatible you are with your friends and companions and even your partner. It is not hard to spot that people turn to mystical things, astrology, and spirituality when the times are testing and uncertain. And since millennials live uncertain times and experience things that they didn’t before, they are probably drawn more towards astrology as it gives them answers and gives them certainty. It also makes them feel like they are not the only ones feeling what they think. And experiencing what they are going through.


Millennials even base their personality on their zodiac signs; they identify with their traits. Like cancer, I am soft on the inside, but I have acted tough on the outside. A Scorpio will say they are brutally honest and cannot stand lies, which is valid to some extent. 


The millennial is so drawn towards astrology, majorly because of media and television and such things in their life. They have seen many astrology apps and astrology offers on the internet, talking about astrology zones, outer planets, and birth charts. Using terms like Pluto in Scorpio, Uranus in cancer and Neptune and Saturn rising, etc., research in Los Angeles also talked about the daily horoscopes and their impacts. All of these influences could be the reason for their obsession with astrology.